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Star Tours: Upgraded and Revamped

When Disney announced their intentions to revamp the Star Wars attraction in 2010, Star Wars fans were alarmed at the potential of disrespect to the classic.

However, the ride was in desperate need of a makeover.

It had remained untouched since its birth in 1987.

The original was constructed so long ago that it entirely disregarded the second trilogy.

Furthermore, Disney now owns Lucas films and can legally do whatever they please with the rides, films, characters, etc.

But fans need not despair!

In efforts not to rock the boat (or ship) of Star Wars fanatics, the overhaul left the original line intact as it was nearly entirely untouched by the updates and renovations.

C3PO & R2D2

At the entrance, park attendees still pass C3PO and R2D2, authentic props from the first films!

The objective of the line remains to create the feeling of being in a “starport”.

There are prompters displaying arrivals and departures from galaxies far, far away.

There is also a droid, who watches luggage as it slides through the x-ray machine.

Guests should remember to watch the x-ray images and the outlines of passengers in nearby windows for a few fun surprises!

The original ride was the most expensive built up until that point.

It racked up an astounding bill of $32 million dollars-nearly double the cost of the construction of the entire park three decades previously!

The attraction was one of the first of motion simulators of this caliber.

3-D Technology

2010 updates included the addition of 3-D technology and a more relevant plot that took into account all six films.

As the ride is taking place between the two trilogies, the ride features members from the original cast and the latter of the trilogies, such as; C3PO, R2D2, and Wicket the Ewok.

The premise for the name is that guests are tourists, hence the name Star Tours.

Starspeeder 3000

They are taking a trip to the moon of Endor via a Starspeeder 3000.

Things go smoothly until the captain accidentally overshoots at light speed, flying right past Endor and landing them smack dab in the middle of a comet cluster.

Passengers escape only to find themselves head to head with a Star Destroyer.

His error ultimately gets the vacationers mixed up in the assault on the Death Star.

The battle is victorious!

But the vacationers have to take a rain check as they are escorted back to the spaceport.

C3PO thanks the patrons for their business and reminds them to stay seated, despite recent excitement, until the spaceship has come to a complete and total stop.

With a height restriction of 40 inches, the ride is acceptable for just about everyone.

Children must meet the height requirement, under the age of 7 are permitted to ride must be accompanied by an adult.

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