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Stitch's Great Escape at Magic Kingdom

Located in the Magic Kingdom on the inner fringes of Tomorrowland, Stitch's Great Escape is an electrifying theatre-in-the-round spectacle.

A relatively new addition to Magic Kingdom, it opened in November 2004.

Stitch's Great Escape replaced the Alien Encounter attraction, which was very popular but also tended to scare younger guests a little too much.

Disney addressed these problems with Stitch's Great Escape, restoring the typical Disney family-friendly entertainment that we all know and love.

Lilo & Stitch

As is the case with many Disney attractions, Stitch's Great Escape is based on an original Disney picture, Lilo & Stitch, which was released in 2002 and received nominations for the Academy Award of the same year.

The film grossed nearly 300 million dollars worldwide and it is this popularity that led to Disney World's decision to create an attraction for it almost immediately.

After nearly two years of development, Stitch's Great Escape was ready to join the ranks of attractions inspired by films, along with Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters, Dumbo The Flying Elephant, Mad Tea Party and more.


Stitch's Great Escape will be all the more gripping for your child if he or she has seen the film.

Luckily, most children have, and they will be instantly familiar with characters such as the Grand Councilwoman and Captain Gantu.

It must be noted that Lilo and Stitch is a little more edgy and fast-paced than your typical Disney film, although it does retain the family friendly element as well.

Stitch's Great Escape continues this riveting pace and this is what makes it the perfect replacement for the old Alien Encounter attraction at Magic Kingdom.

Prisoner Teleport Center

As you enter the attraction, you will immediately find yourself in the Prisoner Teleport Center of the Galactic Federation.

You receive information that you have been chosen by the Grand Councilwoman to perform extremely important duties on behalf of the Galactic Federation.

Captain Gantu

You are then introduced to Captain Gantu before being told by Agent Wendy Pleakley to take your seats.

Not long after you are seated, you are strapped in automatically.

This is quite a shock but equally thrilling, in particular for young children.

Captain Gantu tells you that a prisoner would soon be teleported to the Prisoner Center.

You will then be quite shocked to see that this prisoner is actually Stitch, the alien genetic experiment and the main character in the film.

Stitch uses a variety of tricks in order to escape.

Sensory Experience

Thanks to Disney's revolutionary modern technology you can actually feel Stitch jumping on your shoulders and even tickling your head!

Not only that, you will be able to smell the foul stench when Stitch belches into the crowd.

In this way, Stitch's Great Escape is a full sensory experience: You can hear, see, feel and even smell the events occurring as Stitch attempts to break free.

After many struggles, Stitch manages to escape to none other than Walt Disney World, and he makes a failed attempt to stay in Cinderella's castle, although she soon realizes that Stitch is far from the Prince Charming she desires!

Finally, after over 17 minutes of thrills, your shoulder straps are released and you exit into the Merchant of Venus gift shop.

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