Test Track Presented By Chevrolet at EPCOT

Test Track is another hugely popular car racing attraction at EPCOT.

It is also yet another 9-figure pavilion, with construction costs estimated at over $100 million.

Since its opening date in the spring of 1999, Test Track has been sponsored by General Motors.

This sponsorship has recently been adjusted to GM's Chevrolet brand, which since December 2012 has been featured in the attraction name.

Test track is a relatively new addition to EPCOT, having been opened approximately 17 years after the launch of the park itself.

World of Motion

Prior to the introduction of Test Track, this particular location in Future World was occupied by World of Motion, which was a ride to celebrate the history of motion and the development of vehicles.

That attraction was also sponsored by General Motors and closed at the beginning of 1996.

Test Track was an ambitious project, even by Disney's standards.

After the closing of World of Motion, it took nearly two years to prepare the attraction for opening as the adventurous design led to a variety of setbacks.

The public eagerly awaited the opening of the ride but promises of a May 1997 opening came and went.


The Imagineers at first appeared to have gone a step too far in their daring designs, but an inspired effort over the next year and a half saw the attraction open for tests in December 1998.

Even after the 'soft' opening to the public, Test Track posed many problems for the Imagineers.

It was such a large, complex and expensive ride that it took a further 3 months until all issues were fully addressed.

At this point, Test Track had its official opening on March 17, 1999.

When you strap yourself into your gigantic slot car, you are going on a ride that took an exceptional amount of time, effort, expense and sheer genius to create.

This in itself is something quite special.

Interactive Queue

Even the queue for Test Track is really part of the attraction.

Here you will arrive at a test lab for General Motors.

You will see how GM ensures that their vehicles are safe and of the highest quality.

Some of these tests include air bags, seat belts and wheels.

You are then invited to board your slot car, which is basically a full-size car driven on an electric track.

Most children only get to play with the tiny slot cars from the toy store, but Disney World and the Imagineers allow you to experience what it is like to actually drive one of these unique vehicles yourself!

Test Drive

Once you start driving, you will be quite astounded by the speeds you can reach in your slot car.

In fact, Test Track is by far the fastest ride at EPCOT and indeed in Disney World as a whole.

You can accelerate to speeds of up to 65 miles per hour, which is absolutely sensational for children and adults alike (but especially for children).

However, Test Track has a lot more than just speed.

The ride is not simply a circular track where you try to go as fast as you can.

You are actually taken on a journey through all the specific tests that General Motors cars must pass if they are to be allowed on the market.

Some of these tests include going up hills, braking, checking suspension, extreme temperatures and high speeds.

These different parameters break the monotony of your average racing car ride, and they make Test Track one of EPCOT's crowning jewels.

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