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The Barnstormer at New Fantasyland

The Barnstormer at Disney World Magic Kingdom is the perfect introductory rollercoaster for young children.

Recently revamped as part of Disney World's New Fantasyland expansion, The Barnstormer is a short 1-minute ride full of winding bends and thrilling turns.

You will also experience stunning views over the brand new Storybook Circus section.

The long history of The Barnstormer is testament to its considerable popularity over the years.

While many rides in theme parks may come and go, The Barnstormer has been a consistent presence in The Magic Kingdom since opening in October 1996.

From then, right up until February of 2011, the ride was known as The Barnstormer at Goofy's Wiseacre Farm.

Just over a year later, it was renamed The Barnstormer featuring the Great Goofini, as the surrounding Fantasyland area has been given a major makeover.

Great Goofini

For those of you who have been lucky enough to experience the thrill of the Barnstormer both before and after refurbishment in March 2012, you will notice a number of differences to the ride.

While the old Barnstormer had green tracks and blue aeroplanes, the new version has adopted a circus theme and has bright blue tracks and red planes.

As you enter the attraction, you will now see a gigantic wooden circus sign suspended across two uprights, as well as a circus-themed ticket booth beneath the sign.

Barnstormer Goofy Theme Attraction

As you walk through the queuing area, you will notice authentic props continuing the circus theme, such as a giant canon and an enormous rocket that Goofy has inadvertently crashed into the ground.

The old Barnstormer was a wonderful experience, but the new version is simply breathtaking in its attention to detail.

The story behind The Barnstormer is rather unique. It is based on the loved character Goofy and his penchant for flying.

He once built a homemade airplane that malfunctioned and ended up crashing in his barn.

If your children are fans of Goofy, they will undoubtedly be captivated by the experience.

However, it's not just your children that will love the new Barnstormer: Nowadays after the renovation you will find just as many adults riding around in those red planes as kids.

Kids Ride

Children seem to prefer the Barnstormer because it is a mild, but still very exciting and imaginative introduction to coaster rides.

It can pave the way for more advanced ride choices in the future.

Adults enjoy accompanying their kids and the breathtaking views of the brand new Storybook Circus.

However, queuing is rarely a problem with The Barnstormer as waiting times tend to be very low, in the region of around 5 minutes.

Add to that the fantastic design of the surrounding area itself, and your kids will have plenty to marvel at as they wait.

The Barnstormer ride itself begins with a steep climb of around 30 ft - at the top of this ascent you will see the awe-inspiring views of the surrounding Storybook Circus area of the park.

Goofy's Misadventures

As you come down from the peak of the climb, you ride through a partially 'exploded' wall that is undoubtedly the result of one of Goofy's misadventures.

Then, as you emerge from the wall and turn sharply left, you briefly get a view across the whole of the New Fantasyland.

The sharp turn is then followed by an equally swift descent and the screaming begins.

You are then thrown into an angled turn, much like that of an airplane, before winding in all different directions around the Storybook Circus.

You will hear a short beep beep!

The plane's propellers will come to a slow halt as you are led back into Goofy's barn.

Finally, you will hear the laughing and cheering of happy children and adults alike as they come out of the plane, grab their belongings and head on to the next adventure!

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