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Walt Disney World Partners with TCM to Update The Great Movie Ride

For over 25 years The Great Movie Ride has been a fixture at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Recently Walt Disney World and Turner Classic Movies (TCM) have agreed on a sponsorship of the ride.

Sorcerer’s hat now Gone

With the sorcerer’s hat now gone there is a clear view of The Chinese Theatre and with the potential to re-introduce guests to this great attraction.


In this partnership Walt Disney Studios will provide TCM with vintage movies and episodes of TV series like “Disneyland” and “Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color” for a periodic programming on the channel that is called, “Treasures From the Disney Vault.”

The Future of The Great Movie Ride

The 20-minute ride currently recreates scenes from a dozen classic films throughout the history of motion pictures including; The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins and Alien.

The attraction is expected to undergo the first phase of its renovation during early 2015.

After these initial updates there will be a new pre-show and post-show hosted by Robert Osborne and digital displays will replace traditional movie posters.

TCM will also encourage guests to explore the world of classic film once they leave the attraction.

Updated Films?

During future phases of renovation there is speculation that there will be an update to the films that are shown during the ride.

This is something guests will love or hate if their favorite classic film is added or taken away from this attraction.

This five-year partnership will result in wonderful changes for The Great Movie Ride and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

By Marie Ospina
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