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Avoid These top Disney no no's

Walt Disney World boasts more than their fair share of sun-drenched resorts, exciting rides and amazing experiences.

On the other hand, there are also long lines, the steamy Florida weather and the inevitable exhaustion that comes from strolling around the parks throughout the day.

Attempting to execute a perfectly harmonious vacation at Disney World is a tad more challenging than trying to rid your mind of the “It’s A Small World” tune. But by avoiding these top 10 Disney no no's, you are sure to have a magical time!

Eat During Peak Lunch Hours

Between the hours of noon to about 2 p.m., everyone is on his or her way to get lunch and the restaurants are packed!

Grab a small snack and use this time to take advantage of the much shorter lines.

Space Mountain anyone?

Plan Specific Events for Every Hour of Your Trip

It may sound like a good idea to organize your trip hour by hour, but the chances are high that things are not going to go as planned.

It's okay to make room for Fast Pass attractions but you can’t prepare for any unexpected events that may arise.

Go with the flow and make time for whatever excitement just so happens to come your way!

Buy all Your Snacks in the Park

Buying snacks for every member of your party while in the parks is going to be costly extremely fast.

Instead, pack along your own snacks to save yourself a pretty penny.

Think you can do it all in one Trip

The truth of the matter is that there is no way that you can ride every ride, see every show and visit every attraction in just one trip.

Make a list of the things that you want to do the absolute most and prioritize them.

When spare time rolls around, be spontaneous!

Enjoy every moment and when the end rolls around, there is no reason to be disappointed when you leave with still many things to do.

Lay Your Small Items Down

Whether you're in the bathroom or resting on a bench, never lay small items such as cell phones, sunglasses or cameras down where they can easily be forgotten.

Thousands of items end up in the Disney Lost and Found every single day.

Take precaution by either keeping them in your lap, pocket or placing them in the bag you are traveling with.

Forget Sunscreen

Never forget sunscreen when taking a trip to Disney!

The Florida sun is a powerful thing and it causes much more than hot weather.

The goal is to happily walk away with everlasting memories and precious souvenirs, not blistering sunburn.

Fail to Mention Special Occasions

When checking in to a Disney Resort, do not forget to mention special occasions, such as first time visiting the parks, anniversaries and birthdays.

They will give you a special button to wear an all of the park members will acknowledge the occasion that your party is celebrating.

This will help make the entire Disney experience extra special!

Wear new Shoes

You will be doing more than your fair share of walking at Walt Disney World, so the last thing you want to be doing is breaking in a new pair of shoes.

Opt for a pair of comfortable shoes that have already been broken in so you do not have to worry about embracing your inner Grumpy halfway through the day because of painful feet.

Miss the Nighttime Shows

No Disney World vacation is complete without seeing some of the nighttime shows, such as Wishes, Illuminations and Fantasmic.

Take a break during the afternoon to recharge your batteries so you are energized for these not-to-miss shows.

They are much more than the typical fireworks shows - These shows are all visually stunning and guaranteed to amaze everyone in the family.

Skip Long Lines

Long lines may be a tad unsettling, but some of the best memories are made while waiting in line.

It gives you and your party time to get in a little break, talk about what you want to do next and get excited for the attraction you are about to experience!

Staying clear of these top 10 Disney no no’s is an excellent way to have a memorable and exciting trip to Walt Disney World!

In addition, they are super simple so you will never have to sacrifice your time, money or peace of mind.

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