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Tom Sawyer Island at Magic Kingdom

Having grown up in Missouri, Walt Disney was always a Mark Twain fanatic.

He particularly loved Twain's 1884 novel Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

The novel was published in 1876.

In 1956, just one year after the park was built, Walt added Tom Sawyer Island to the original Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

Since then, both Tokyo Disneyland and Magic Kingdom have created their own versions of the original Tom Sawyer Island.

The magic of Tom Sawyer Island is being able to catch a glimpse of the old world that Mark Twain depicted in his famous classics, the same world that captured the imagination of Walt Disney himself all those years ago.

You can find Tom Sawyer Island on the border of Frontierland, just across from Liberty Square.

The Island

The island is actually one of the places you will see if you are lucky enough to board the Liberty Square Riverboat, however you will have to go to the rafts in Frontierland to visit the island itself.

Tom Sawyer Island is an adventure playground that contains forests, bridges, caves, forts and all the things that Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn would have experienced in St Petersburg, Missouri all those years ago.

While there are many attractions in Magic Kingdom that will capture the imagination, sometimes your child just wants to go out and play, and there is no better place to do that than Tom Sawyer Island.

Exploring Tom's island

After journeying on your raft across the Rivers of America from Frontierland, you will arrive at Tom Sawyer Island and immediately see a sign written by none other than Tom himself.

The sign describes some of the things that are in store for you on his island.

As you make your way around Tom's island, you will notice the strikingly red Harper's Mill, which is a typical grain mill that you might have come across along the Mississippi during the 19th century.

Pressing on beyond Harper's Mill, you will now see Aunt Polly's Cottage, where you will be able to unwind and look out over the water from her porch.

Next, working your way clockwise around the island, you will arrive at Scavage Fort, which is a homemade fort built by Tom and Huckleberry themselves - perfect for children to play in.

Continuing from Scavage Fort, the next place you might want to visit is Old Scratch's Mine, a traditional 19th century mine complete with bats and sparkling jewels.

Very close to Old Scratch's Mine is Injun Joe's Cave, where you will encounter a spooky face upon the rocks and an old, creaking bridge that runs across a bottomless pit.

One special aspect of Tom Sawyer Island is that the attraction is in fact composed of two separate islands that are connected to each other by an old wooden bridge.

Final Stop

After you cross the bridge you will reach Pappy's Fishing Pier where you have a great view of the trains running around Big Thunder Mountain.

The final stop on Tom Sawyer Island is Fort Langhorn, where you will find a blacksmith's shop complete with Audio-Animatronic blacksmiths.

Finally, you can mount the watchtowers and take a turn at firing the rifles.

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