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The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, otherwise known as simply The Tower of Terror, is a Disney classic and amongst the most famous of the park’s attractions.

The ride has been offered circa 1994 and is celebrated for the over-the-top exterior which takes on the image of a towering 1940s hotel, but not just any hotel.

The Hollywood Tower is actually inspired by the real historical landmark

The Hotel

This hotel has an ominous presence with its opening and shutting windows, scorched lightning bolt impression, and the backdrop of forbidding riders’ screams.

At 199 feet it is the second tallest attraction in the park, coming second to Expedition Everest by only half a foot!

Cast members in fashionable bellhop uniforms greet you as you enter the hotel.

They sport the most expensive staff uniforms of any ride in the park.

As you progress through the hotel, the queue becomes increasingly creepier.

Walk down the dark corridors.

You will hear rattling sounds through the hallways.

You pass through a front lobby where everything appears untouched since the mysterious closing in 1939.

You are gently informed that their rooms are “not quite ready”.

You are then led into the library.

Near the end of the queue, the reason and story behind their terror is revealed.

Twilight Zone

The spooky Twilight Zone music comes on and the host explains that on October 31, 1939 the hotel was struck by lightning.

The consequence of this mysterious phenomenon was that an entire wing of the building disappeared-including an elevator full of guests who were consequently transported to the Twilight Zone.

The story is revealed with the combined narration of the host and via a “lost” episode of The Twilight Zone.

Guests are invited to ride the elevator and come on the journey of their lifetime…if they dare.

The Ride

The ride is only two to three minutes, but for the faint of heart it could feel like an eternity.

The ghosts appear after a flash of lightning and beckon the new hotel guests to join.

The elevator jolts and you begin your journey into the fifth dimension.

The flickering lights and scary noises are accompanied by the famous introductory music from the TV series.

You are then provided with a brief moment to prepare for the big descent.

A voice comes on and tells you that you are about to discover what lies beyond the fifth dimension in The Tower of Terror.

The elevator free falls downwards, windows clamor open and shut, and, unavoidably, you scream.

The ride uses state of the art the technology to create the illusion of free falling.

Cabs are designed to move vertically and horizontally.

They require cables below and two giant motors fixed from above to imitate the feeling of a rapid and unprecedented descent.

You can purchase photos from the ride at the “Lost and Found” on their way out.

Twilight Zone themed gifts and souvenirs can be purchased in the shop before exiting to the park.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride is one ride you won't easily forget.

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