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Town Square Theater Backstage With Mickey Mouse

The newly renovated Town Square Theater in Disney World is located near the park’s entrance and is the new home of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Fashioned after a turn-of-the century theater, it is a beautiful establishment fitted with ornate Victorian detailing and vibrant colors.

Main Show

The theater’s main show is known as “Backstage with Mickey Mouse” and gives you a firsthand look at Mickey Mouse’s dressing room.

The experience is based off of the premise that Mickey Mouse is a performance magician and the backstage area has been opened up for you to see what Mickey’s dressing room looks like, giving you valuable insight into how he prepares for a show.

The attraction offers FASTPASS service, which allows you to save your place in line as you visit some of Disney World’s other sights.

If that is not an option, there are plenty of screens featuring Mickey’s magic tricks and Disney trivia games to keep you occupied as you wait in line.

Backstage Area

Once you reach the front of the line, you’ll enter the backstage area of the theater through a door.

Staying true to its retro roots, the room is constructed from exposed brick with plenty of dark wood accents.

On the walls you’ll notice numerous period posters referencing Mickey’s magic act.

There are plenty of other fun items in here including a top hat with white bunny ears sticking out.

As you walk around, keep an eye out for Mickey’s luggage.

Each piece has a retro-style sticker affixed to it with all the locations of Disney parks throughout the world.

Minnie & Mickey

In the second part of the experience, Mickey comes out for a meet and greet.

Dressed in his normal attire, kids will immediately recognize their favorite Disney character.

He is happy to oblige with, hugs and handshakes.

On occasion, Minnie will also join Mickey during the meet and greet.

In Mickey’s dressing room, you’ll find a lot more fun artifacts, including a suitcase filled with Mickey’s magician’s suit, top hats, shoes and his signature gloves.

There’s also an illuminated mirror and makeup area as well as a white dove in a birdcage.

All of Mickey’s magician’s props are also here.

One suitcase in particular is filled with playing cards and silver rings.

Mickey and Minnie stay with you as you explore the space and help point out special features about the room.

As the tour ends, you’ll notice that Mickey’s white dove has gone missing.

Backstage with Mickey Mouse at the Town Square Theater is definitely fun for the whole family.

During the experience, kids will be assured an opportunity to meet and greet their favorite mice as well as learn all about Mickey as a magician.

The backstage area is also full of fun posters and artifacts that keep adults entertained as well.

The newly opened attraction adds a new way to experience the fun of Disney and will sure to become a classic in the coming years.

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