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Toy Story Land Coming to Hollywood Studios

Walt Disney World Resort in Florida isn’t doing away with Toy Story Midway Mania; they’re making it bigger and better.

The 4-D attraction at Hollywood Studios was originally opened in 2008 and currently features a number of rides and games for park guests to enjoy.

When the upgrades are complete there will be 11-acres of adventuring at Toy Story Land.

Andy’s Backyard

The concept for this area of the park is similar to Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

As you enter Andy’s backyard you notice that everything is huge, you’ve been ‘shrunken’ to the size of Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

Toys are scattered about and Andy has made the space even more exciting by placing his game board pieces and building blocks around his yard for you to enjoy.

A new track will be added to the Toy Story Mania! Ride.

There will also be new rides coming to this section of the park.

New Rides

Two new, much needed rides will also be coming to Toys Story Land.

One ride will be a family-friendly rollercoaster. Jump on Slinky Dog’s back and take a thrilling ride through the new land.

As you zip around you’ll catch glimpses of the toy-filled section of the park.

The other ride will incorporate little green men.

No, they’re not the toy soldiers this time around.

The cute, friendly aliens from the movie want you to take a spin with them on your vey own flying saucers.

Look up and you’ll see The Claw from the movie that picks up aliens from the claw-machine.

There are also rumors that a 4-D shooting game is in the works.

If this comes to fruition guests will wear glasses and shoot at 3-D objects.

There is no timeline on completion of this project, but we can all hope that it will be open in time to watch Toy Story 4 –in theaters on June 16, 2017- and then jump on Slinky Dog’s back and relive the movie.

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