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Toy Story Midway Mania at Hollywood Studios

This interactive attraction is a guaranteed crowd pleaser and great for the whole family.

Even the littlest of the little ones are invited to ride just so long as they are safely secured in the lap of their guardian beneath the safety bar.

The attraction is located at Hollywood Studios and is one of their world famous 4-D spectacles.

4-D attractions are those that combine 3-D graphics with additional high tech features, enhancing the rider’s experience by creating an unforgettable interactive event.

This individualized attraction is one of a kind as it combines classic carnie games with some of the most advanced technology.

Disney most certainly did not skimp on this one of a kind carnie adventure.

With an 80 million dollar budget, the park feature has become amongst the most memorable.

150 PCs

It requires over 150 PCs and three systems working in conjunction to guarantee precision for players.

The queue even features music inspired by the motion picture, composed and played by an entire orchestra especially for the attraction.

In 2009 Disney even released a Nintendo Wii video game based on the attraction!

There is a distinctive progression to this venue.

You are seated in pairs back to back and move through five mini-games.

The pairs are seated back to back and move through five mini-games.

Mr. Potato Head & Buzz Lightyear

Prolong your experience by doing well and earn "Easter Eggs" that prompt additional objectives.

The games are very competitive and exciting.

You and your family will want to return again.

Mr. Potato Head sings, dances and walks you through each game.

The Mr. Potato Head's quirky voice is recorded by the original person from the film.

Carnival Classics

All of the games are reminiscent of carnival classics and consist of a pie toss, egg throw, darts, plate breaking with baseballs, ring toss, and suction cup shooting games.

The games require the use of "toy cannons", each mini challenge features an original character.

Buttercup, Bo Peep, Hamm, Buzz Lightyear and Woody are all there.

Trip Advisor has received many positive reviews on Toy Story Midway Mania.

Park attendees claim that it is blast for kids and adults alike.

Given the ride's popularity, you can expect long lines.

Use the fast Pass option to reserve a ride time.

Walt Disney World Resort isn't doing away with Toy Story Midway Mania; they're making it bigger and better.

When the upgrades are complete there will be 11-acres of adventuring at Toy Story Land.

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