Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom

The Tree of Life is all at once majestic, awe-inspiring, and an artistic marvel for guests to enjoy.

Located in the Animal Kingdom theme park, the Tree of Life serves as a celebration of nature and all of the wonders that nature has to offer us.

Symbolic, iconic, the Tree of Life stands proudly as the artistic centerpiece of Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park.

The Tree of Life stands an incredible 145ft tall, and at its base it stretches a whopping 50ft wide.

Gnarled Roots

With gnarled roots and a vibrant tapestry of intricately carved animals almost coming to life as you walk past them, the Tree of Life was designed after Africa’s Baobab tree, which is often referred to as the tree of life because of its ability to provide food, shelter, clothing, and life-sustaining water for both the humans and animals that inhabit that often harsh savannah plains.

Disney’s entirely man-made Tree of Life serves as a reminder of just how delicate the balance of nature truly is.

Found on Discovery Island, this majestic Disney marvel also serves as a means of commemorating all creatures that we share our earth with, and reminds us all of the Circle of Life.

300 Creatures

There are over 300 creatures making up the swirling artistry of the gnarled tree roots, which can make it a lot of fun to see just how many of the creatures you can spot.

Park guests with a keen eye might just be able to spot one of the many hidden Mickey’s within the branches of this beautiful sculpted tree.

Some of the creatures that can be spotted on the beautifully gnarled tree roots include the following.

Dolphin Tortoise Hippopotamus
Rhinoceros Monkey Lion
Lemur Eagle Seahorse
Crocodile Scorpion  

The Tree of Life offers more than a brilliant offering of beautiful carvings.

It also serves as a home to a wide variety of animal species.

In the landscape dotting the roots of this wise old tree, guests can find serene pools, thriving trees, and meadows where tortoises, kangaroos, lemurs, and many more animals are living in perfect harmony with their surroundings.

Engineering Marvel

The Tree of Life was actually constructed from a refitted oil platform, which demonstrates just what an engineering marvel it truly is.

The tree has over one hundred thousand leaves that are made from a sturdy and environmentally polymer; the leaves are in five different shades of green and were individually placed on the branches of this incredible man-made wonder.

When a light breeze picks up, the leaves will actually rustle lightly in the breeze, that can make the tree feel just that much more alive.

The tree houses a theatre, where guests can watch the It’s Tough to be a Bug film that runs around 8 minutes.

Walk around the tree, surrounded by lush landscaping and serenely waterfalls.

You will truly feel connected with nature as you stand in awe of the Tree of Life.

It may be man-made, but it certainly tells a tale of just how incredible nature can be.

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