Turtle Talk with Crush in Futureworld

It’s not often that you get the opportunity to speak directly with a character from a Disney film, but Turtle Talk with Crush at the Epcot Theme Park in Disney World lets you do just that.

The show is representative of a new type of interactive attraction pioneered by Disney imagineers and was first opened at Disney World in 2004.

It can be seen at The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion within Futureworld where multiple performances are held on a daily basis.

Crush is a character from the 2003 computer animated smash hit Finding Nemo.

His laid-back attitude and surfer lingo make him popular with kids and his show at Disney World is very much geared at the younger set.

Movie Theater

To start the show, you enter a room resembling a movie theater.

Children are seated at the front where they can interact with Crush, while adults typically take the bench seating in the back.

The theater’s screen is a projection of an ocean environment and mimics the look of an aquarium window.

Turtle Talk with Crush utilizes high-tech digital puppetry to achieve a truly interactive effect.

Each 15-minute show is unique as Crush plays off of members of the audience.

On screen, he looks, talks and moves just like he did in Finding Nemo.

The turtle’s mouth is digitally rendered in real time and creates a very natural look.

The underwater scenery displayed throughout the show is also very well done, and you will probably see small fish or even a whale make an appearance sometime during the performance.

The show begins with Crush giving you a hearty greeting and he encourages you to talk back to him.

Crush Takes Questions

The main part of the performance consists of Crush taking questions from the audience and replying in a comedic fashion.

The technology behind the attraction allows the puppeteer to view the audience, so he’s able to speak with them directly and often refers to them based on the clothes they are wearing.

As Crush answers questions, he provides you with a few anecdotes from his life and occasionally brings out a few other well-known Disney characters during the show.

At the end of the performance, Crush makes an exit by swimming out into the expanse of the ocean.

Turtle Talk with Crush is a lighthearted and fun attraction that is perfect for younger children.

Interactive Show

Due to the dynamic and interactive nature of each show, it’s impossible to describe it in fine detail.

The audience Q&A sessions makes up a bulk of the show’s 15 minutes and tries to allow for as many children to interact with Crush as possible.

Crush has also been known to be pretty informative when it comes to the lives of sea turtles and the importance of protecting the world’s oceans.

In the end, kids will come away with a few useful facts as well as a unique and memorable experience with one of Finding Nemo’s most endearing characters.

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