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Walt Disney World Railroad at Magic Kingdom

The Walt Disney World Railroad is a 1.5 mile track that loops around Magic Kingdom.

It is named after the famous Walt Disney.

He loved trains and even built one in his home.

The track’s operations began in 1971 when Magic Kingdom opened to the public.

Four steam locomotives run daily giving commuters a tour of the park.

These trains are named after Walter E. Disney, Lilly Belle, Roger E. Broggie and Roy O Disney.

The coaches have different colors.

Walter E. is red, Lilly Belle is green, Roger E, is yellow and Roy is blue.

The locomotives bear the names of Disney’s wife, an imagineer who was a close ally, and his older brother respectively.

In all rail cars, the poles match the color of the coach.

Their construction dates back between 1916 and 1928.

Scouts for Walt Disney World Railroad purchased them in 1969.

The engines run at 10 miles/hr.

Disney Railroad Stations

They make stopovers at Main Street, USA, Frontierland and Fantasyland stations.

Main Street was the only station when the railroad started its operations.

Frontierland came a year later, but it had to pave way for Splash Mountain.

This station relocated in 1990.

Now, Fantasyland is the most recent station.

It opened after demolition of Mickey’s ToonTown Fair.

Passengers can board or disembark from any of these stations.

There are notable attractions at these stops.

For instance, Frontierland neighbors Splash Mountain while Fantasyland is next to Toon Park.

Nevertheless, commuters can stay on board for the 20 minute tour of the theme park.

A number of changes have improved the safety of passengers.

For example, side panels prevent commuters from hanging their legs out of the rail cars.

This safety measure was necessary for the section of the rail cars where guests face outside.

Disney Railroad Locomotives

Each train has five passenger coaches.

This caters for over 360 passengers every trip.

It has two wheelchair accessible seats.

These locomotives ease access to parts of the park without pushing through crowds.

For instance, passengers can be dropped off at Splash Mountain before the long queues.

Additionally, guests enjoy the view from the open bench seats.

It is a different adventure altogether for tour enthusiasts who want to circle the park for the breathtaking scenery.

The railroad snakes through scenic areas with green vegetation.

The pre-recorded narration highlights the prominent places observed during the ride.

The railroad does not operate during special events such as Mickey’s Christmas or Halloween party.

On all other days, the rides start at 9am.

Each steam locomotive has three workers.

They are the conductor, engineer, and the fireman to ensure the boiler runs smoothly.

The first engine controls the number and duration of laps per day.

If it takes longer than 20 minutes for the trip round the theme park, it delays other trains.

The engineer and conductor use block signals to locate other engines and avoid collisions or delays.

In addition, distinct whistles enhance communication.

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