Wilderness Explorers at Animal Kingdom

Disney’s new attraction takes a theme from the Disney Pixar hit movie “Up” where the film’s young star Russell is a dedicated Wilderness Explorer, who is determined to earn as many Wilderness Explorer merit badges as possible, as he explores the world around him.

Wilderness Explorers will be located in the Animal Kingdom theme park, and will offer grand adventures to guests of all ages.

Wilderness Explorers will invite guests to explore the entire Animal Kingdom Park by making use of their field guides.

Challenges and Opportunity

The young Wilderness Explorers will have to complete a set of fun-filled challenges that will allow them the opportunity to earn badges as they go along through the park.

This interactive attraction will allow guests a way of exploring Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park in a brand new and exciting way, allowing them to learn more about the park.

Go behind the scenes of previously unexplored attractions, and give the participating Wilderness Explorers the chance to earn more than 30 badges for their completed challenges.

Guests will love trying to earn as many badges as possible, and will be able to continue earning their merit badges when they return for subsequent trips.

As more information is released, guests are sure to be eagerly anticipating being amongst the first to enjoy exploring Disney’s Animal Kingdom and earn great prizes and badges.

This attraction will be opening in the spring of 2013, and is sure to offer plenty of interactive fun for kids of all ages, and for their parents.

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