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Magic Kingdom Navigation App

Is now available for I Phone & Blackberry users.

Android smartphone app is presently in development.

This is a must-have smartphone application for the Magic Kingdom visitors.

The 99 ¢ magic kingdom GPS  navigation app provides precise digital interactive navigational instructions and maps.

Information is presented both in visual and spoken form.

Users are able to find the location of rides, eateries, special events, shops, meet-up places, parking, tracking and more.

magic kingdom navigation app

Real Time App

It answers questions quickly in real time.

The theme park app is not at all complicated.

It is very easy to use and delivers clear instructions that are turn by turn.

It actually does just about everything just like the gps in your car does.

A few outstanding features include:

Guide Guy

An icon Guide Guy tells users which way to go, how to get to where they want to be, or what they want to find; walking-route maps.

The family and friend tracker allows users to keep track of each member of their party with the app.

turn by turn directions

In-App messaging is available to send and receive messages; great for tracking points of interest among users.

Messages are time-sensitive, so users can quickly update plans with information between them.

Food Finder & Locator Tool

The food finder is a thorough listing of restaurants in the Magic Kingdom.

Users can switch to and use the shopping information.

The vehicle locator feature is most noteworthy.

Confused, lost and unable to find where is the car parked.

This feature eliminates endless roaming the parking lot in circles.

"Which way do we go, where is everyone, and where is the car," are stressful questions of the past.

With the locator tool, users receive answers instantly.

The icon guide leads the user directly to the vehicle's whereabouts.

Explore With Confidence

Enjoy an easy going visit and plan to have fun with the ThemePark GPS Magic-Kingdom Orlando app.

No more walking about in search for anything, and wasting precious ride time.

TPGPS's tools make maneuvering a breeze, all the while staying connected with each other.

It is recognized as a wonderful application reputed to improve and enhance the theme park experience.

Go with confidence, because knowing one's whereabouts while visiting Magic Kingdom has now been made easy.

More detailed info can be found on the ThemeParkGPS site.

By Marie Ospina
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