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SeaWorld Six Kids Only Apps

Kraken is a monster roller coaster at SeaWorld Orlando.

We all know that there is not enough time in the day to spend hours on end exploring and learning about all the animals at SeaWorld.

The park has released six free mobile applications available on Apple devices that allow your children to learn even more about the animals you have seen at the park.

Penguin’s Playground

This app includes 18 activities curated by educators that feature comical and playful penguins.

With this app children and adults can watch cute high definition videos that introduce you to newly hatched chicks in “The Chicks Have Arrived” and watch an adorable Emperor hatchling try its luck at talking in “The Emperor Penguin Hatchling.” 

Other activities include dazzling photos, coloring activities, matching games, puzzles and an activity where you get to create the perfect Antarctic penguin habitat.

Polar Bear Playground

This app is packed with 30 activities related to polar bears.

With animal ambassador, Julie Scardina, children will learn how these powerful animals hunt and eat.

The app includes a book, “Polar Power,” which kids can read along with (or on their own) and learn all about these arctic beauties.

High definition videos feature a ‘jet setting polar bear’ and another who really, really likes ice cream, in addition to videos of polar bears in their natural habitat.

Dolphins, Sharks & Turtles

Children will investigate a trio of ocean animals: dolphins, sharks and turtles – through 30 different activities.

There are lots of videos and photos featuring these majestic animals.

They can color coral reefs, complete animal puzzles and even try to rescue a baby turtle in one activity.

Generation Nature’s Animal Ambassador, Bindi Irwin, is featured in a number of interactive activities.

Children as young as two are able to complete activities included in this app because you have the ability to customize the skill level.

Tigers, Lions, Cheetahs and Other Big Cats

While these animals may not be seen at SeaWorld the fact remains that many children have a fascination with large, wild cats.

The Big Cats app contains over two -dozen activities that focus on the “kings of the jungle.” 

Lions, tigers, cheetahs and other wild cats are in the spotlight here.

Stunning photos and video of these ferocious cats in their natural habitat make the app hard to put down.

Matching games, coloring activities and read along (or alone) e-books are all included with this app.

Baby Animals: Cute and Cuddly Animal Babies

Almost everyone loves a cute and cuddly baby, that’s why there is an app dedicated to nothing but baby animals.

With this app children learn about lots of baby animals, including those found at Busch Gardens (Tamps, FL).

One video introduces you to Cupid, a newborn giraffe, and from there you are likely hooked.

From turtles to cheetahs and even killer whales, you are introduced to these newborns and their parents through great videos and educational e-books.

SeaWorld Kids Network: Video Channel and Digital Activity Center

With this application you will learn about animals from all around the world, some that you and your child may have never heard of before.

The great videos and fun activities go beyond the scope of animals and teach you about conservation.

You can find previews of the newest Jungle Bunch episodes here as well.

Children can work with Bindi Irwin to create a habitat for a group of baby sea turtles.

This app covers a wide range of topics and is a great way to introduce animals and the environment to your child.

Each app offers something specific to each animal, including special stickers for completing activities.

All e-books highlight the words as they are read to you.

These six free SeaWorld apps are a great way to teach your child about animals from around the world.

By Marie Ospina
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