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Shamu Express Kids Coaster Ride at SeaWorld Orlando

Roller coasters used to be just for adults.

This has changed with the arrival of the Shamu Express.

Built just for kids, this ride combines every element that people have come to love in SeaWorld.

This is a really exciting kids roller coaster.

The entire family can enjoy the thrills of this pint-sized ride.

This amazing ride is off the main avenue.

The Shamu Express is located in Shamu’s Happy Harbor.

Ride Detail

The coaster is 800-feet of steel tracks and travels at a speed of 28 mph.

Ride duration is 3 minutes.

Enjoy this kiddie ride with its twist and turns, you are advised to secure your personal belongings.

Rental lockers are available.

The ride starts out as most other coasters do.

It is an enclosed sit down car that is on a track.

Each car looks like Shamu the famous killer whale's tail.

The front of the coaster is shaped like the whale's head, so the illusion is that the whale is moving forward and you are literally riding on the whale's back.

There are the typical roller coaster elements including small hills and turns, yet they are gentle and not scary.

The Shamu Express is a great introduction to roller coasters for kids.

The coaster makes two loops around the track.

Should you miss something on the first go around, you have a chance to see it on the second loop around.

For older children it is more exciting to be near the back as you are able to see the entire ride and all the fun other passengers are having.

Those sitting near the back will be able to see the entire ride.

The first car is the most adventurous and a more interesting experience.

The minimum height for this outdoor ride is 38 inches tall and must be accompanied by someone at least 14 years old.

All those 41 inches tall can ride solo.

Handicap persons can ask a staff member for assistance.

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