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Shamu's Happy Harbor

Shamu’s Happy Harbor is a play area for children of all ages.

The playground is spacious and it has a lot of fun activities.

Vibrant and attractive colors appeal to young guests.

The designs use ideas that children relate to such as giant teacups just like in the movie Alice in Wonderland.

Enter this amusement park and select the activity you want.

Stroll through as you check out what the place can offer you and your family.

Swishy Fishies & Jazzy Jellies

Walk into the Swishy Fishies.

This slow-paced attraction offers a great view of the surrounding area.

Sit in teacup cars that revolve around a large waterspout.

Spin in an open-air setup and watch the rest of the park buzzing with activity.

This attraction has six cars that sit two guests in each car.

Parents can ride with their kids.

Alternatively, ride on the Jazzy Jellies.

The design resembles Swishy Fishies, but this one spins up to 30 feet above the ground.

Enjoy a great aerial view of the park.

This ride takes about five minutes.

Net Climb Adventure

Enjoy the thrill of a net climb.

Dozens of nets create a play area above the ground.

These nets are situated within a four-storey structure with tunnels and slides.

An array of colors turns the structure into an eye catchy design.

Big tunnels allow parents to slide through along with their kids.

This attraction is so large that it can accommodate large groups at one time.

There is a sandbox under the net climb where kids will have a great time.

A variety of toys add to the excitement.

There are miniature slides suitable for toddlers.

A perimeter wall protects young visitors in this play area.

Shamu Express

For extensive outdoor fun, enter the Shamu Express.

This roller coaster’s theme is the killer whale.

The cars resemble a whale.

The head pops out and the tail flies in the air on the backrest.

Guests must be above 38 inches to participate.

The track twist and turns over Shamu's Happy Harbor.

Climb steep hills and descend down the track.

A few sharp corners create an exciting feel as the train travels across the park.

Sea Carousel

Enter the Sea Carousel for some aquatic themed fun.

Hop on swings attached to the underside of a giant octopus.

The octopus’s tentacles fall over the roof of the carousel onto its poles.

The swings resemble different sea animals.

The train accommodates 64 riders.

Ocean Commotion

The Ocean Commotion gives you a sea adventure.

Sit in the boat and swirl around the pool.

You may get a little wet when the whales squirt some water on you.

The train is low to the ground and parents can sit with their kids.

Flying Fiddler

The Flying Fiddler offers a ride into the sky.

Sit in a car designed like a giant crab.

The cars move up a tower at a speed suitable for children.

An attendant assists guests as they prepare for the amusement.

Strap on the shoulder harness for protection.

This play area also has activities that require less energy.

For instance, there are games where kids compete for prizes.

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