Sea World Adventure Park Orlando

If you are looking for a theme park that can offer more than your average theme park then SeaWorld Orlando is just the place for you!

Not like your average theme park, SeaWorld revolves around marine life.

Aside from that, the theme park offers a lot of amenities for their visitors.

They offer a lot of rides, attractions, exhibits and shows.

Aside from that, they also offer exclusive park experiences that you'll only be able to find at SeaWorld.

Some of their rides include Kraken, Jazzy Jellies, Journey to Atlantis, Manta, Net Climb, Paddle Boats, Sea Carousel, Shamu's Happy Harbor, Sky Tower and the Wild Arctic Ride.

You can also explore many of their exhibits:

Shamu: Close Up

This is an exhibit where visitors can get up close and see Shamu in action.

This attraction allows visitors to interact with Shamu, the killer whale, and watch him glide through the waters.

Visitors often say that this is their favorite spot in the whole entire theme park.

You can spend hours here and have lots of fun playing with the killer whales even if it's just through a glass door.

Shark Encounter

This is an exhibit that offers visitors a fantastic journey by going through an underwater tunnel.

It should also be noted that SeaWorld has one of the largest underwater tunnels that can be used for viewing in the world.

This opens visitors to a wide selection of sharks, barracudas and stingrays.

Aside from all these, visitors are also particularly happy about the Sharks Underwater Grill where they can dine and enjoy a Landshark beer for only $5 while enjoying the majestic view in the tunnel.

Dolphin Nursery

They also have a dolphin nursery where baby dolphins are being cared of. Just like any nursery, this exhibit draws in a lot of crowds because of the new-born babies.

This time around, however, it's about bottlenose dolphin babies.

It is a wonderful place to introduce kids to the wonders of nature.

This exhibit showcases how babies, in their young age, are already able to play and communicate through clicks and other vocalizations.

Pacific Point Preserve

This is an exhibit where visitors can have fun with sea lions and seal.

Aside from that, visitors can also go ahead and feed these animals.

It's a sure fun way to get more involved with nature and get to know more of its creatures.


This is a future exhibit at SeaWorld.

It will offer visitors a voyage to Antarctica, where the empire of penguins is located.

It is going to be a Winter Wonderland because Antarctica is the coldest continent.

In this exhibit, visitors will be experiencing life through a penguin's eyes.

These are just a few exhibits you'll be able to enjoy at SeaWorld. If you think you can have so much fun with these exhibits, well you sure are going to have loads of fun with their other attractions as well.

They have a lot of amazing rides in store for visitors, some of their most popular rides include:

Journey to Atlantis

This is a ride that will be great for water enthusiasts.

It features an exciting roller coaster ride through the underwater passageways of the world's most famous sunken city, Atlantis.

But don't expect this to be a smooth ride because visitors will definitely get wet in this adventure!

Wild Arctic Ride

This ride features a jet-helicopter adventure ride.

This actually sends visitors to a breath-taking but perilous trip to the north.

It features polar bears, walruses and beluga whales and visitors will be able to see all of them when guests get into a motion-simulated journey through the exhibit.


This is not your ordinary roller coaster.

It is a monster of a roller coaster and this can be proven by the many ride enthusiasts who consistently put Kraken in the ranking as one of the best roller coaster in the world.

What makes it so much more than average coasters? Well, it lacks one thing that most coasters offer, a floor.

So, you are ensured to enjoy this thrilling ride more!

One more thing, if you want to try and ride this monster, you will have to be at least 54 inches in height.

Shamu Express

This is a wonderful ride for kids.

It's shaped into a killer whale but offers just right amount of thrill for parents to be calm and be sure that their kids are in good hands.

This will give kids a leisurely ride but also has the common turns and drops.

Shamu's Happy Harbor
This is an amazing place situated in SeaWorld. This is the place to be for any kid who wants to enjoy the theme park's perks and adventures.

It is open for kids that are around 14 years old and older. So, kids should be around 42 to 48 inches tall before they can enjoy in this harbor.

Some of the wonderful rides found here are:

Jazzy Jellies

This is a wonderful ride that has an uncommon theme, jellyfish!

But then again, it's such a fun ride because visitors actually have full control of how fast their rides can spin after reaching the 30 feet height.

It's a balloon style ride that can lift up a tower and can spin through the visitor's controls.

Net Climb

This is a four story link of nets where kids can go and climb through a number of tunnels and other slippery slides.

One great thing about this is that this place is also big enough for parents to enjoy!

These are all great fun.

But SeaWorld still has a lot to offer their visitors.

They even have a behind the scenes tour open for anyone.

Aside from that, they also offer a lot of programs for learning not just for kids but for teachers as well.
Visitors are also sure to enjoy a lot of dining experience in Captain Pete's Island Eats, Dine With Shamu, Mango Joe's, Seafire Inn and Seaport Pizza, to name a few.

They can also find a lot of souvenirs for their loved ones at Children's Gifts and Strollers, Fins, Oyster's Secret, Simply Shamu, Trek Treasures and the Waterfront Marketplace.

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