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Bayou of Blood Scarezone

The stage is set for Halloween Horror Nights 24 at Universal Studios of Orlando and they are breaking ground with several new scarezones that are sure to have guests completely and utterly terrified.

One of the street experiences that are sure to unleash terror around all of the guests is Bayou of Blood.

Just the name alone is sure to send chills down everyone’s spine but the scenery is equally as frightening.

Consuming the Central Park area of Universal Studios, the Bayou of Blood scarezone welcome invites guests into the dreaded Louisiana bayou, which is said to be one of the most haunted places in the entire United States.

As guests look around, they will notice that the trees are filled with hundreds of ornate glowing jars and that the flickering pumpkins are perfectly synced with the music that is haunting the area.

Voodoo Priestess

While guests may feel as if they are taking a nice stroll, it will not be long until they are greeted by the wraths of an evil Voodoo Priestess.

When she emerges from her hut, she begins to summon dark magic that will send thrills through the bayou environment that is full of creepy snakes and spiders.

Soon after, other voodoo practitioners will begin to wander throughout the area in order to get ready for the hourly sacrifice.

During this ultimate sacrifice, every bloody detail is presented right in front of guests and they will then have to make their way out without falling victim to the voodoo practices.

This will be the first time in history that Halloween Horror Nights has ever tackled the concept of Voodoo.

Abundant with sinister characters and detailed decorations, designers are making sure that this scarezone makes a frightening impression on all of the guests that date to adventure down the Louisiana Bayou.

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