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Dollhouse of the Damned House

Ask a group of people what their biggest fear is and you are guaranteed to hear “creepy dolls” at least once.

Universal Studios of Orlando is bringing this fear to life at Halloween Horror Nights 24 with their Dollhouse of the Damned house.

This new and original creation takes the sweetness of childhood and precious little dollhouses, and infuses it with something that is completely terrifying to send chills up your spine.

Old Time Morgue

As soon as guests step foot into this house, they will soon realize that they are venturing through an old-time morgue.

The scare-factor is taken to an entirely new level when guests discover that a little girl has transformed this area into her very own playhouse where she happily tortures all of her victims with a smile on her face by permanently smashing spooky doll masks right onto their faces… Ouch!

While walking through the Dollhouse of the Damned maze, guests will be anxiously searching for a way out due to how incredibly creepy that it really is.

The walls will be covered with battered porcelain dolls that boast piercing eyes that will follow guests with every turn that they make.

Demented Baby Room

Halfway through the house, guests will then reach the demented baby room.

This is the spot where everyone will be surrounded my mutant baby dolls that are crawling all over the floor and popping out from behind dark corners to make everyone stuck in this space scream at the top of their lungs.

The designer of Dollhouse of the Damned, Charles Gray, has stated, “The word to keep in mind here is ‘juxtaposition.’”

Do you think that you have the courage to journey through this demented house?

Filled with malicious dolls and horrifying shrieks, those who enter are definitely in for a rather eerie treat.

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