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Face Off Scarezone

Universal Studios of Orlando has a reputation of featuring the most gruesome and realistic makeup at their annual Halloween Horror Nights festivities.

To live up to the high expectations, they will be inviting in all of the most twisted and terrifying characters that were created on the hit Syfy competition series “Face Off.”

During this show, talented makeup artists battle to make the scariest creatures that they possibly can.

The most visually stunning and memorable monsters of the series will soon be taking over the streets of Universal Orlando to send shrieks of fear through the park.

Creepy Characters

All of the creepy characters brewed up on the show will lurk around their very own scare zone.

The ideal infusion of awesome and appalling, there will be 10 characters from the show, including a very special one that was designed by the winner of season five, which has not yet been revealed to the public eye.

Fans of the show and horror in general will be thrilled by this immersive scare zone.

Five Unique Environments

What makes it extra eerie is that it will be broken up into five unique environments, all as creepy and hair-raising as the next?

One of these environments will feature frightening scarecrows that will do whatever they can to protect their farmland.

Another one will be full of ghoulish brutes that wander through destroyed castle ruins.

First Year

The goal behind the Face Off scarezone is to leave a long lasting impression on all of the courageous guests who venture through the area.

This is the first year that Universal Studios will be hosting a scarezone that is technically based off of a reality show, rather than a horror flick or scripted television show.

One thing is for sure, these nightmarish creatures will make a great addition to the entire Halloween Horror Nights Experience.

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