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Where do Evil Clowns Come From?

Halloween Horror Nights 24 at Universal Studios is expected to be one of the terrifying years yet, as they have recently announced a brand new haunted house for people to experience.

Titled “Giggle & Gore, Inc”, this house answers the questions that has been lingering on everyone’s mind for a long time, “Where do evil clowns come from?” 

If you are curious to find out, take a step inside this creepy maze and discover what waits.

Evil Clowns are not Born

At Giggles & Gore, Inc, horror fans are invited inside to learn that evil clowns are not born.

Instead, they are created in a very disturbing process that will leave guests laughing in absolute fear as they are left anxiously searching for a place to hide from these demented clowns that are searching for their next victim.

The main idea behind Giggles & Gore, Inc is that this is where all of the people of unexplained disappearances from around the United States end up.

Once they arrive at this creepy clown factory, they are stretched and their faces as well as their voice boxes are completely removed.

The victims are then dropped into a woodchipper, and the entire disgusting residue is used to create nasty and massive stuffed clowns.

The Discarded

Towards the end of the house, guests will finally encounter the dreaded group of clowns: The Discarded.

These particular clowns are the ones that have been deemed too dangerous to exist, even around all of the other existing clowns.

This area alone will be enough to make you scream even if you're not afraid of clowns.

Giggle & Gore, Inc may not be based off of a movie or television show like many of the other houses at Halloween Horror Nights but it will still send visitors on a truly terrifying experience that they will not be able to erase from their minds.

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