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The Ringmaster Has Returned

Everyone loves clowns, or so you would love to think. In actuality many people have this innate fear of the face painted fellows.

In 2000 the creative’s at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) took this information and used it to create a clown called Jack.

He somehow left the Halloween Horror Nights grounds, but he has been spotted all over the Orlando area.

Jack is Back!

His presence was missed so much that guests have asked for him by name.

After some time on the run, Jack has returned to the confines of to the park.

While he may not be trapped in a haunted house -like Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees- you will likely face him at some point during your time in the park.

He’s not the fun-loving clown you find at the circus; Jack actually worked in the circus before his sadistic sense of humor turned him into a serial killer.

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He Will Run The Show

Jack might look a bit rougher around the edges these days; over the years we can only guess the places he has been.

All you can do is take heed that for HHN XXV Jack will be running the show.

He’s even donned some new threads to prove it.

What he has in store is anyone’s guess, but it will likely involve frights from years past and new frights that he has been plotting.

Jack embodies every facet of Halloween Horror Nights and fans finally got just what they asked for.

He is full chaos and manic laughter mixed in with a bit of mayhem that fan cannot get enough of, so he had to come back to make sure that Universal keeps the Horror in Halloween Horror Nights.

Meet the Mascot

It’s quite evident that Jack is excited to be back in the thick of it.

Anything involving terror, blood and gore is of major interest to him.

In addition to hosting the nighttime event park goers may find him wandering the streets of Universal Studios so you may want to keep your guard up so you don’t become his next victim.

HHN will run for 30 nights, from September 18 through November 1. The event begins at 6:30pm and ends at either 1:00am or 2:00am depending on whether it is a premium/busier night or not.

Admission to this event is not included with Universal Studios tickets.

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