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Lucy: A Tribute To America’s Favorite Redhead

You grew up watching the Lucy show.

You know her for her comedic genius and one of a kind television personality.

She was America’s sweetheart and she took the country by storm with her beaming television personality that brought non-stop laughter into every American living room.

Uniting housewives and keeping husbands on their toes, Lucille Ball became a television icon.

Lucy: A Tribute was an indoor walk-through attraction at Universal Studios.

The Lucy: A Tribute closed in August of 2016

In it's place an all-new Hello Kitty store will open up later on this year.

It offers props from the original show, actual correspondence, exclusive footage, and a video game to test your Lucy Ball trivia knowledge.

The attraction is intended to provide a way for fans to get to know the world famous redhead both on screen and off.


Amongst the collection of props and scripts are also personal home videos and photographs from all stages of Lucy’s life.

Fans declare that the collection from Lucy’s more personal life fascinating and enlightening.

Some of the Emmy awards have replication disclaimers states that the Lucille Ball Estate granted Universal Studios permission for the recreations.

Regardless of the occasional recreation, the vast majority of the paraphernalia is sufficiently legitimate to continue to draw fans of all ages.

One of the greatest things about the Lucy tribute is that it is seldom crowded, and there is rarely an overwhelmingly long line.

Air Conditioned

Also, it doesn’t hurt that the attraction is air-conditioned, providing a great opportunity for park attendees to beat the Florida heat and take a chill pill from all of the excitement.

The air-conditioned venue provides a great opportunity for guest to beat the Florida heat.

The display room does look a bit like your grandmother’s attic.

There are mementos everywhere; Emmys, letters, set recreations, television screens, costumes, seemingly random props, jewelry, hats, paper dolls, etc.

But much like I Love Lucy, the walk through creates a cozy ambiance.

The setup encourages visitors to take their time as they browse through some of Ms. Ball’s personal belongings.

Don’t forget to test how much you have learned on your way out with the trivia game!

The attraction has no height restrictions.

All heights and ages are welcome.

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