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MASKerade: Unistiched Scarezone

The annual Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios is in its 24th year, but the scarezones and haunted mazes are just as terrifying as ever.

This year the event will provide guests with the thrilling opportunity to journey through eight different houses. In addition, at least four street experiences will be spilling horror and screams into the park.

As fans are getting ready for this year’s festivities, they are getting increasingly excited about one scarezone in particular, MASKerade: Unistiched.

Spine Chilling

A spine-chilling infusion of elegant and eerie, the MASKerade: Unstitched may appear like a high-class ball upon first glance, but guests should not be fooled as there is much more to be uncovered.

While they are hypnotized by the glamorous decorations, they will soon be caught off guard by appendages dangling throughout the streets, human heads inside oversized candles and jaw-dropping gore to be seen from every angle.

Grotesque Ballroom

Inside of this ballroom gone badly, all of the guests will be walking among people with their skin falling off and their skulls left visible to the human eye.

They may have tried to stitch themselves back together, but all of their bloody remains are still lingering for everyone to see.

Guests will watch these people as they anxiously attempt to sew their skin back on, even without much success during the process.

Located between the From Dusk till Dawn and The Walking Dead houses, MASKerade: Unstitched will welcome people into the park with giant candles marking the entrance as well as a giant chandelier hanging above.

This grotesque gothic ballroom setting is meant to make people feel as if they are trapped in an old time period.

This unique scarezone transports guests into an area of thrills and fright.

With all of the intricate decorations and realistic makeup, this scarezone is sure to be a highlight of everyones Halloween Horror Nights experience.

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