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Me Ship, The Olive Ride at Islands of Adventure

If you remember watching Popeye the Sailor on television as a child this ride will bring back memories.

Based on the popular cartoon character, Me Ship, The Olive is geared for younger children.

You will arrive at the ship and be amazed at the size of this playground.

The boat is three stories tall and you will have hours to explore it.

me ship the olive

It appears to be tied up at the dock and gives the impression that it might lean too far to one side at any moment.

It is only an illusion, however, as this boat is really a sturdy building.

Exploring the ship is almost as much fun as playing with all of its treasures.

Starting at the bottom deck, you will find buzzers to press, dials to turn, and buttons to push.

Some of these will make sounds and others will even spray water.

You will find punching bags to hit and many things to climb on.

Climb the ladder and head to the second deck.

The second deck has lots of the ship's cargo stored.

You will quickly note the cargo is almost exclusively spinach.

The second deck allows you to take a slide back to the first deck.

There are also cargo nets to climb and a real bell that you can ring.

Try blowing the whistle and making the boat's fog horn sound.

As you continue to explore you will find all sorts of references to the Popeye cartoon series.

Swee' Peas Play Pen

One such place is Swee' Peas Play Pen.

There are oversized baby toys here that children will enjoy playing with.

You can also crawl through a hidden tunnel that leads to a cargo hold filled with large spinach cans.

In fact, if you pay attention you will find large spinach cans all over the ship.

If you thought that the first and second decks were fun then you will love the surprise at the top of the third deck.

When you climb up the gangplank you will find water cannons.

Once you grab a water cannon you can begin to fire streams of water at people.

The best place to fire your cannon is at passengers of another ride that passes close by.

These passengers are sitting ducks, so blast them while they are still strapped in and they will get wet. Also on this top deck is a piano.

Surprisingly, this piano actually plays, so you can take a turn and see how well you can play.

To help, the keys are painted colors so you can see the tune of Popeye the Sailor laid out.

Once you are ready to leave, you can head down the slide that goes all the way to the lower deck and back outside.

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