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NBC Sports Bar Universal Studios Orlando

Over the past year Central Florida has seen a large number of additions to venues and tourist attractions.

At Universal’s CityWalk this continues to be the case.

The entertainment destination is adding NBC Sports Grill & Brew to the line-up in the space that once housed NASCAR Sport Grille.

Not Your Average Bar

This new to NBC venture is taking sports bars to a whole new level this fall.

Imagine a going to a bar where every seat is a good seat.

As you enter the bar & grill keeps you eyes open for a 100-foot-wide high-definition screen – it’s not hard to miss.

There will be almost 100 additional HDTV screens throughout the restaurant.

Award-winning NBC Sports coverage is a mainstay here.

Their take on a sports bar crosses your favorite watering hole with stadium VIP suites.

A Diverse Menu

Not only is the environment superb, but also the food and drinks are top notch.

Over 75 items will be featured on the grill’s menu.

The menu features traditional items like burgers, wings and steaks to custom creations like their take on the scotch egg – the crab scotch egg.

Here you don’t have to worry about being served food that has met the floor, your meal is prepared in an open kitchen on custom open fire grills.

100 Different Beers

You won’t have to worry about finding the right beer to go with your meal; there are 100 different beers to choose from.

There is even an exclusive beer concoction that will only be available here.

Enjoy your meal and beer inside the restaurant or head out to the beer garden for some people watching.

Indoor/Outdoor, Multi Level Venue

The indoor/outdoor, multi-level venue is going to be a popular hangout among locals and tourists alike. If you enjoy sports this is the perfect place to enjoy every Sunday football game without having to crane and contort your body in order to do so. More details on the grand opening will be available shortly.

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