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The Purge: It Continues

One of the most spine-chilling aspects of the entire Halloween Horror Nights experience is the scare zones that linger throughout the park.

The Purge: Anarchy made its grand debut with its very own scarezone at Universal Studios of Orlando.

This year this scarezone is being moved indoors.

No longer will you be able to escape citizens looking to participate in the purge.

The maze is expected to have all entrants running for their lives.

During The Purge: Anarchy film, the citizens turn their city into a center of destruction and chaos as they act out on their right to purge.”

Crime is Legal

During this time, all crime is legal for 12 hours, without punishment or help from emergency services.

Guests will get to experience this turmoil first hand as the annual Purge is set to commence and takes horror to an entirely new level.

Pandemonium awaits and no one is off limits.

You will feel like you are in the films and you have two options; fight to survive or succumb to the chaos of the Purge.

Masked Vigilantes

Once you enter the maze you will be hunted by dozens of masked vigilantes who stop at nothing to purge, as they are entitled.

There is no confusing the fact that you are prime choice for victims by these brutal killers.

They will come at you from all angles and stop at nothing to fulfill their coffers with an endless stream of bodies.

Complete with realistic broadcast warnings and caution tape, The Purge: Anarchy scarezone will features unimaginable horror as the maniacs pop out from behind dark corners and lurk behind your to catch you completely off guard and at your weakest.

The New Maze

A lot is being kept under wraps as the maze is being finalized.

This maze is though to replace the Scream maze, which was a popular haunted house experience in years past.

Yet with the popularity of both the movie and the original scarezone at HHN the obvious choice was to make this adventure a maze that would take this encounter to the next level.

If you make it to Universal Studios Hollywood you can expect a similar assault while making your way through the city on a tram.

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