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The Transformers Are Coming To Orlando

Universal Studios is well known for its themed rides like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Revenge of the Mummy, and Despicable Me Minion Mayhem.

Where could Universal Studios go next but to one of your favorite blockbuster movies of all times, yes you guessed it, here comes Transformers-The Ride 3D.

Opening in the summer of 2013, this spectacular ride will bring the battle of the Deceptagons and Autobots to life and make the rider apart of the ultimate war.

The announcement came during the showing of the video of the ride at Universal studios in Orlando.

In Singapore and Hollywood, CA, the Transformers thrill ride has been an overwhelming success.

This is what the ride is going to be like in Orlando!


Now, everyone coming to Universal Studio in Orlando will get to experience this nonstop action filled creation.

Special Effects

With 3-D and flight simulation technology at their best; this masterpiece is just what Universal Orlando visitors have been waiting for.

Working closely with the Director of “The Transformers” movies, and under the licensing of Hasbro incorporated, Universal has created a genuine adventure that moves the characters from the movies to almost real life for all the fans of the movie to enjoy.

The ride brings these gigantic transforming vehicles together with an awesome story and pushes the virtual reality even further with 3-D.

These and many other special effects put the rider at ground zero of this intergalactic battle of will.

The 3-D is so visually flawless, that those experiencing the ride will feel like you are actually playing a role in the movie itself.

Your job as the rider is to help Optimus Prime and the other Autobots to beat the Deceptagons and save mankind from destruction by keeping the All Spark safe.

Once the rider gets into the EVAC the brilliant visual effects assaults the senses and prepares them for all the high speed accelerating, spinning, dropping and climbing.

Riders will have to hold on for dear life as they are jarred, tilted and mesmerized.

As the thrill continues, you will have to use all evasive tactics so you won’t be hit with the explosions and other assaults of Megatron and the other Deceptagons.

When the ride ends, hearts will still be pounding due to the realistic undertaking of the Transformers 3-D.

Although it will be a year before the ride is completely built, the tourists planning their Orlando,

Florida trip for next summer will definitely have something spectacular to look forward to.

Height Restrictions

In order for children to enjoy this ride, they must be at least 40-48 inches or 101-122 cm.

They also must be accompanied by someone of at least fourteen years of age.

For anyone that has enjoyed watching the three films that chronicled the battles on Earth with the Transformers, they are going to love this ride.

If the three billion dollars that the movies made worldwide are any indication of their popularity, then like the other Transformer rides already drawing long lines and great reviews in Hollywood and Singapore, it is sure to be another big hit.

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