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Walking Dead Will Return to Halloween Horror Nights

The popular haunted house style attraction at Universal Studios Orlando is set to come back for its fourth year.

The maze –which is the 4th to be announced this year- is going to be called, “The Walking Dead: The Living and the Dead.”

If you have been to previous mazes related to the AMC TV series you can rest assured that this year something new and fresh will be offered.

Season 5 Scares

The designers of this maze are guaranteeing that anyone who has the guts to enter this attraction will come face to face with some of the most chilling moments from season 5 of the series.

You can also expect to come in contact with more walkers than any previous years, which isn’t great news for you since the undead are always in search of healthy human victims.

Be careful, the walkers just might bite you and convert you to their side.

New Feature

Keep your eye out for the recently turned butcher and the walker with the red glowing face.

One new feature this year is a murky, water-filled area that walkers will emerge from.

As you pass the flooded food bank be on the lookout for walkers on the prowl, they’ll surely be on the lookout for you.

These are just some of the fear-inciting characters that will chase you through the maze.

If you make it out without alive you are owed a hearty, “Congratulations,” and a cold beverage.

This maze is planning to put you to the test with its frights, if you are up to the challenge then make your way over to The Walking Dead attraction.

Halloween Horror Nights runs on select evenings from September 18 though November 1.

A separate ticket is required for this event, admission is not included with Islands of Adventure or Universal Studios theme park tickets.

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