Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

The Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts is one of the most innovative and diverse cultural centers in the nation is now open for business in Orlando.

In case you're wondering what this has to do with you, consider that the center has literally everything connected with the performing arts and then some: classical and popular music, many forms of dance, various types of theater, -musicals to the best of Broadway, Opera - and an expansive and diverse educational program are all incorporated into the center's ongoing programming.

The complex -built without walls- at a cost of $500-million has something all members of the community can enjoy.

And it certainly provides the space for all these activities in its collection of theater.

Under a dramatic and regal roof overhang, patrons will enter through one front door, into a grand lobby, adding to the sense of community.

The Performing Arts Center is now entering its second phase on construction.

Five Different Venues in One

Five different theaters and event spaces are now in operation at the center.

Included among the five are two indoor theaters for professional presentations, as well as a community theater stage.

There are also plans to create an outdoor plaza with a stage.

The space holds over 3800 audience members.

For each of the areas there are dressing and make up rooms and areas for building and storing costumes.

Even with the many spaces inside and outside, the feeling of spaciousness persists, in part through the innovative architecture and the use of glass walls.

It's impossible to overstate the beauty, importance, and almost limitless opportunities the complex provides to both guests and productions.

If you live in the area or are simply passing through, you owe it to yourself to visit Dr. Phillips Center of the Performing Arts, you won't leave disappointed.

Walt Disney Theater

The largest of the theaters, the Walt Disney Theater, contains more than 2731 person seating capacity.

Designed and painted to resemble evening skies, this indoor space is built in the replica of classical outdoor theaters.

With warm wood, copper accents and multi-leveled tiered seating, each guest is guaranteed an unobstructed view of the stage.

This bold and innovative concept will ensure this large space has an old fashioned feeling of intimacy.

Exceptional acoustics will make sure that every note travels equally throughout the entire space.

Alexis Pugh Theater

The smallest performing art space, the Jim and Alexis Pugh Theater, is just over 300 seats.

This is the place where community theater performances are staged.

The thrust, horseshoe shaped stage can be rearranged to support different configurations needed, depending on the play.

Colorful, artistic ceiling panels and seat backs add a sense of vibrancy to this intimate setting.

DeVos Family Room

The DeVos family room is the perfect location to welcome up to 400 of your closest friends for the time of their life.

This stunning room offers impressive views of downtown Orlando and the Seneff Arts Plaza.

The space is set up with windows and sliding glass doors on three sides, ensuring that guests can enjoy the views from almost anywhere in the room.

For everything from cocktail parties to banquets this is the place to host a grand event at the center.

Della Grand Lobby

For everything from extra expo space to a high school fundraising event, you can guarantee that this space will not disappoint.

The space is located at the beginning of the centers signature wave wall on Tier 1.

You can fit anywhere from 240-400 people in this space depending on the type of event you are looking to host.

Kessler Lobby

Located on the fifth tier, this is another great open space to hold an intimate event.

Imagine the perfect wedding proposal surrounded by your friends and family after attending an event at one of the theaters.

If a private dinner or birthday party is more of your thing, this area will serve as the setting for a great time.

Depending upon the event set-up you can hold anywhere between 120-160 guests.

Multi-Form Theater

The 1700 plus Multi-Form Theater slated to be a rounded room ideally shaped to enhance the music of an opera, ballet or symphony orchestra.

Moving walls and towers will assure the acoustics are perfect for each art form.

Additionally, the main floor has the ability to change the orchestra level into a flat floor ballroom.

This flatter space will be used for gala events, weddings, conferences and much more.

This theater is part of the second phase of construction.

School of the Arts

The center also contains a School of the Arts, with classes and activities for small children on up through senior citizens.

A variety of classes will be held in dance, music and theater arts.

With easy access and plenty of parking spaces, the center sits on a nine-acre plot with easy access.

Each floor contains its own lobby, as well as a bar.

The future is nearly here.

Central Florida, already a destination in many areas, has outdone herself once more.

Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center

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