Multi-Form Theater @ Dr. Phillips Center

By definition a multi-form theatre is highly flexible and adaptable.

This certainly is true of the theatre of the same name, Multi-Form, that is part of the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Orlando.

Though not quite as large as the Walt Disney Theatre in the same complex, it is just as spectacular.

Orlando Ballet and the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra

With a seating capacity of 1700 the space was designed to be home to both the Orlando Ballet and the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra.

As such, it has nearly perfect acoustics so that no matter where an audience member is seated, none of the nuances of the performance will be lost to the person.

Also planned for the space is the presentation of a wide variety of opera.

Special Events

And if this weren’t enough, the highly adaptable space can become a banquet room, as well.

This means the space can be used for weddings, conferences, and a variety of other special events.

Overall, the theatre can be adapted to fit almost any sort of entertainment. In fact, the space is a marvel in adaptability with a hydraulic system that can help flip and change the seating arrangement and even move walls and towers.

Innovative Design

In other words, the innovative design allows the space to be easily changed from concert hall to opera house.

The rounded design space of the theater not only helps provide a sense of intimacy but is responsible for the excellent acoustics.

Besides the flexibility of the space, it, like the rest of the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, is spectacularly beautiful with its cherry wood and burnished copper accents throughout.

Additionally, three oculi, reminiscent of the rings of Saturn, in the upper part of the space, provide a spectacular focal point.

Similar to other spaces in the center, the Multi-Form Theatre has productions and events that appeal to almost everyone, so check it out and make sure you take advantage of this spectacular complex.

Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center

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