Orlando Repertory Theatre

The Orlando Repertory Theatre, or REP, for locals, is Central Florida’s family theatre.

Among this year's performances is Mary Poppin's, a classic that children, parents and grandparents will all enjoy!

Each season, professional companies perform plays, based on classical and contemporary children’s literature.

The results are magical and inspiring.

The acting is quite exceptional, why you might consider some of the themes a bit unoriginal.

That can be considered a good thing since you may recall lines and scenes to contribute from your seat.

The goal of the REP is to bring to children a live theatre experience that will entertain and enrich their lives.

The plays are told in a culturally diverse way, exploring new playwrights and revering old masters.

The REP is a strong voice for reading, verbal and literacy skills, as well.

The REP is a strong voice for reading, verbal and literacy skills, as well.


The history of the REP began in 1936, with an ambitious plan to bring quality live theatre to children, performed by children and adults.

You can imagine a time where families were still struggling to rid the remnants of the Great Depression from their lives.

Just as the financial crisis at that time affected all Americans the goal was for all to be affected by the arts.

This plan has succeeded its original plan.

In 1969, a dramatic school was established and a select number of six to eight exceptionally gifted young actors are brought into the training program.

A curriculum of acrobatics, storytelling, drama, music and dance trains these youngsters for a life as a professional actor.

Youth Academy

The Youth Academy opens its doors to non-professional students, running a series of workshops, classes (performing and technical), camps and productions over the summer.

These full-scale productions allow youngsters to run, or take an active part of, all phases of a performance: directing, lighting, costumes, sets and acting, aided by professionals in each category.

These labor of love shows are both rewarding and educational for the young, aspiring professional.

Encouraging youth should be a goal for every adult.

Empower a child by giving them the ultimate gift: buy a ticket.


The Orlando Repertory Theatre
1001 E Princeton St Orlando, FL 32803
(407) 896-7365

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