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Walt Disney Theater, the largest of the three indoor theaters in the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, is one of the most spectacular you will ever see.

Yet not only is it beautiful, it’s highly functional.

The stage area comprises 6000 square feet—with a performance area 125 by 50 feet, large enough to contain almost any sort of show, no matter how much equipment is used or how big a cast.

Not only is it a dream of a theater, much more highly functional that many on Broadway, but also it is spectacular.

Classical Designed Outdoor Theater

Designed to be reminiscent of classical outdoor theater such as one might have found in ancient Greece, it evokes the feeling of being surrounded by open space, under blue skies.

Responsible for the expansive design was Los Angeles architect Barton Myers.

The theater has three levels with striking regal blue seats and a feeling of warmth, not only because of the painted ceiling, but also the use of wood and copper accents.

Variety of Professional Entertainment

The theater, with seating for 2700 spectators, will present a variety of professional entertainment, including many Broadway road shows.

Among those scheduled for the 2014-15 season are Phantom of the Opera, The Book of Mormon, Pippin, and Beauty & the Beast.

The inaugural season also will include individual performances by the likes of Jerry Seinfeld and guitarist Joe Bonmassa.

Excellent Sightlines

Despite the large seating area, the theater has excellent sightlines so that no audience member need feel seeing the full stage from any angle, and excellent acoustics.

Unlike many, the Walt Disney Theater not only caters to its audience in a spectacular manor, but perhaps as important is the backstage areas, much larger and adaptable than that of the majority of American theaters.

Do yourself a favor; take a tour of the space.

You’re certain to be struck by the theater’s spectacular beauty, from the “wave wall” in the atrium announcing upcoming events to a feeling of intimacy, unusual for such a grand space.

Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center

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