Houston Astros Baseball

Spring training baseball is returning to Kissimmee, with the Houston Astros taking their usual spring residence at Osceola Stadium.

The Houston Astros play in Major League Baseball (MLB), and they are recently moved from the National League to the American League (AL) for the 2015 season.

This move has put them in the lead of their division.

Osceola Stadium

The Houston Astros make their annual residence in Kissimmee for spring training—first coming to Osceola Stadium in 1985.

Since being fully renovated in 2003, Osceola Stadium is considered one of the best spring training facilities among all facilities used by MLB teams.

With a young and vibrant team in the MLB, the Astros will be showcasing a number of league favorites and many of their future stars during spring training.

Although it is safe to assume kissing is a popular past time in Kissimmee, baseball and more specifically the Houston Astros remain a pretty popular pastime.

Tickets $15+

This up close and personal setting makes for perfect viewing of professional baseball at its finest.

Tickets are reasonably prices and range from $15 to $34.

Baseball fans around the world flock to spring training, and there is no better way to take in professional baseball than to take in the VIP feeling seating provided at the Osceola Stadium.

Be sure to bring your glove, and you may be lucky enough to catch a game ball during the game.

While some fans have used their beer cups to catch a baseball, this method is not recommended - you could spill a fresh brew all over your fellow spectators.

Parking is relatively easy, and several amenities and concessions are available throughout the game—including the necessities such as popcorn and hotdogs!

With the game being so close to all of the popular attractions, watching professional baseball is Kissimmee should be on any sports fan bucket list!

Find the spring training schedule here when available.

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