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Nautique Wake Games

was the site of the annual Nautique Wake Games for many years

There were over 200 professional and amateurs athletes that to participated in one of Wake Boarding’s biggest events.

Athletes were split up in to teams, a mixture of professionals and amateurs competing together.

All teams weree put into divisions based on skill, with separate male and female divisions as well.

The Nautique Wake Games was the first major event on the circuit, and there will be much attention on Aussie teen phenom, Harley Clifford.

2012 was a break out year for Clifford, as the teen took home the King of Wake championship in the Men’s pro division.

Orlando is also home to three-time champion, Phillip Soven, who is expected to have another strong season in 2013.

There is much optimism that the games will return to Orlando in the near future.


Wakeboarding has quickly grown as a sport, since its start in the late 1980’s.

The sport involves a combination of water skiing, surfing, and snowboarding.

Boats pull athletes at different speeds, and the Wake boarders perform various tricks and maneuvers to gain points.

If you have ever tried Wake boarding, or been to a competitive event, it is an incredible experience.

Watching professionals jump waves, and defy all odds with their spins and jumps, it is one water event you do not want to miss.

The Nautique Wake Games promises to be an exciting event, and is highly recommended for all water lovers!

Event took place April 25-28, 2013 at the Orlando Watersports Complex.


8615 Florida Rock Rd
Orlando, FL 32824

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