Tampa Bay Rays Baseball

While on your summertime Orlando vacation, if you are a fan of Major League Baseball, the Tampa Bay Rays make for a nice day or evening trip.

Tropicana Field

Tropicana Field is an hour and a half away in St. Petersburg where you can see one of baseball’s best teams.

In 2008 they made their first World Series appearance although they eventually lost to the Philadelphia Phillies.

Now in their 18th season, the Rays have high hopes.

Tropicana Field gets a bad rap among so-called baseball purists.

They don’t like the domed roof or the artificial turf field.

They hate that on occasions, balls in play hit a catwalk.

But if these people ever had to sit outside in the summertime in stifling Florida heat and humidity, they would gladly sit indoors in the air conditioning to watch big league baseball.

“The Trop” is actually a nice place to watch baseball.

The concourse level is a roomy area that offers ample walking space where you will find food and souvenirs.

In centerfield there is a sports bar and restaurant with a tank full of live stingrays for the kids to pet.

Tropicana Field

For you history fans, you’ll want to check out the Ted Williams Museum.

There are many cool baseball artifacts from Williams career and many other baseball superstars.

There is also many artifacts from Williams stints in the military in both WWII and the Korean Conflict.

Rays Organization

The real attraction here is the baseball team.

Once known as the Devil Rays, they officially changed their team name to the Ray in 2008.

The Rays are one of baseball’s best run organizations.

They operate on a small payroll compared to division rivals such as the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

Yet they still give those teams a fight.

One benefit of a lower payroll translates to cheaper tickets.

So while in Florida, be sure to check out the Rays.

You may find yourself joining the Rays Republic.


Tropicana Field
1 Tropicana Drive
St Petersburg, FL
(888) 326-7297

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