Tampa Bay Storm Arena Football

Storm is a professional football team that is a part of the Arena Football League (AFL).

A trip to a Storm game is a fun nighttime activity you can take advantage of while on your Orlando vacation.

The Storm is sort of the New York Yankees of Arena Football.

They have won five championships in their history and are a perennial contender.

They were also the first team in the AFL to win 200 games.

If you happen to time your vacation right you can catch a big battle on the field, when the Storm is hosting the Orlando Predators there is no doubt that this is the game to go to.

Known as the War on I-4, the Storm and Predators are rival that clash helmets every year.

These two rivals are only an hour apart and have had the best rivalry in the history of the AFL.

None other is even close.

These two teams have even met in the Arena Bowl twice; the result was each team winning one championship in the other's arena.

No Sidelines

Arena Football is a pass oriented high-scoring game, much like the game is played in back yards and school playgrounds all over America.

The field is only 50 yards long with no sidelines.

Instead there is a wall around the field that players routinely crash into.

In some sense it's almost like a baseball field.

If you get seats close to the action and you happen to catch an errant throw or fumble, you get to keep the ball.

Party Atmosphere

Arena football is as much about the party as the game.

The music is usually heavy metal, alcohol flows freely, pretty young females dress in scantily clad costumes, it is almost a combination football game and night club.

If you are looking for a nice family friendly type of event to attend with the kids then you may want to try another sporting event.

But if you are looking for a night out with the guys (or gals), then might we suggest a Storm game.

The Storm plays at the Amalie Arena, which is also the same arena that is home to the National Hockey League's Tampa Bay Lightning.

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