UCF Knights Basketball: Orlando’s Next Big Thing

The University of Central Florida sits on the East side of Orlando.

The UCF Knights men's basketball team calls the UCF Arena their home court.

It's at these games that you can watch up and coming basketball stars show off their skills.

If you are a fan of college basketball and you are in the Orlando area on vacation, you will want to take your entire group to a Knights game while you are in the area.

The Knights have won twelve conference championships, seven regular season championships and five tournament championships.

There is no doubt that they will be a big deal very soon, the pieces are falling into place.

They have a beautiful campus that constantly garners the interest of fresh, young talent.

New Arena

They have a gorgeous new arena -the CFE Federal Credit Union Arena- where every seat is a great seat.

The fans are passionate, the students are noisy, and the team is getting really good.

Someday soon, the Knights are going to be a hard to get ticket.

So go now and get in on the “ground floor.”

When UCF is playing in the NCAA Tournament you can tell your buddies back home you saw these all-stars at a time they were still fighting tooth and nail to reach this point.


The students stand for the entire game and make noise the entire night.

You will see and hear them in their own section, lovingly know as the "Knightmare."

They have their quirky rituals, too.

The Knights fans turn their backs on the opposition during pre-game intros except to yell “WHO?” after each name is announced.

They have a little ritual they perform each time a Knight makes a free throw, and pity the opponent that shoots an early “air ball” because he will hear about it every time he touches the ball the rest of the night.

UCF basketball is a great night out for the family on a budget.

You can get great seats at a very good price to any home game.

The concessions are also very reasonable as far as sports events go.

When in Orlando, don’t miss out on the Knights.


UCF Arena
Gemini Boulevard North
Oviedo, FL 32816
(407) 823-3070

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