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Best Special Effects at Disney World

Disney World is full of remarkable attractions and rides for fans of all ages.

The special effects they use are truly magical, and in many cases leave fans absolutely amazed.

While pretty much all of Disney has great special effects, a few stand out above the rest.

So if you are planning a trip to Disney, be sure to visit these few attractions for some really special effects that will leave you in absolute wonderment.


First is Hollywood Studios’ Tower of Terror. This ride is truly terrifying as Disney uses lifelike effects, holograms, and projections to really give guests a scare.

The lightning and mirror effects are really amazing and are definitely one of the coolest special effects attractions in all of Disney.

Similarly, the Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom is another great, and spooky attraction full of really special effects.

From the scary ghosts to the lights and booming sounds, this ride takes freight to new levels. The projections and animatronics pair classic effects with modern day technology to form the perfect effects.

A classic ride of special effects is Soarin’. Largely popular, this ride takes you flying above different areas of California and the effects make you feel as though you are high in the air jumping over the Golden Gate Bridge and soaring’ through the air on a hot air balloon.

This, paired with the smells and sounds really make you feel as though you are flying through Cali.

While currently this attraction is closed, it has always been impressive and with the new renovations it is expected to be better than ever!

Shows and Attractions

Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor in Magic Kingdom is really great because it involves special effects that allow children to send in jokes and have them appear on screen right before their eyes.

Along with this, it features live monsters interacting with the audience in real time.

This show truly amazes me every time and children always really enjoy it as well.

Another show with great special effects and high interaction is Enchanted Tales with Bell, a new attraction in Magic Kingdom where Lumiere and the enchanted Wardrobe look magnificently realistic with the latest technology and effects to really make these characters come to life.

Here, children are able to take part in the show!

Light Shows, Fireworks, and Spectaculars!

Celebrate the Magic is a new show projected over Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom that uses the newest technology, high-tech pyrotechnics, and lighting to project onto the castle, completely transforming it in the night sky.

Illuminations is a spectacular show full of effects that you can watch again and again!

Watch fireballs being launched higher than sixty feet above, Jim Cummings’ voice powerfully sounding throughout the park to narrate the show, the impressive movement of the Earth globe, weighing over 350,000 pounds and moving gracefully across the waters, and of course the spectacular lights and sounds of the blistering fireworks lighting the night sky.

The special effects of this show is simply magnificent, and will leave you in awe.

Finally, Fantasmic in Hollywood Studios has always been the most magnificently impressive show in all of Disney.

It combines beautiful fireworks, amazing water effects, coordinated music sounding throughout the park and beyond, water projections, light and glowing technology, and of course live actors all in one show.

It takes the best technology and special effects from the past and present to bring about a spectacular show unlike any other.

It is visual magic right before your eyes, promising to grab your attention from beginning to end.


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