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Disney's Flavor Lab Brings Disney Chefs Together

If you are ever curious about how the culinary minds at Disney World develop the newest and most delicious dishes for on-site restaurants, you have come to the right place!

The all new Flavor Lab brings Disney chefs together, from all over the world, to collaborate on the newest recipes and dishes that will be offered in the parks!

This research facility brings chefs, managers, mixologists, and other dining crews together in this state of the art facility to test some of the most brilliant recipes of all before bringing them to your table.

State of the art Facility

While this is not a public facility, visitors will be able to reap the benefits of the winning dishes at the resorts and restaurants all across Disney!

 This state of the art facility allows chefs to share creative and professional ideas in a spacious area of over 7,000 square feet.

Set up like a classroom for chefs and restaurant personnel, it allows for everyone to come together to develop and test new recipes that will be offered to us down the line.

Training for cast members and food preparation techniques will be conducted here so that individuals have the opportunity to learn the best ways to develop these dishes and perfect techniques that will be consistent across all restaurants in Disney World.

 In fact, this facility makes it possible to interact with Disney chefs throughout the world in real time.

This collaboration will help Disney to come up with the most successful methods and dishes to meet the public’s needs.

 Food photography, presentations by vendors, as well as recipe tweaks will be conducted and perfected here before heading out to the restaurants.

Started in a Small Test Kitchen

Previously, Disney utilized a small test kitchen to assess new dishes and designs.

However, because of its size, not all of the collaboration was done here.

In fact, it was widespread across all of Disney.

New Building

 But this new building features a spacious kitchen, bar area, and work space for culinary minds to create, learn, and grow together.

There will be only eighteen full-time cast members at this location, but others will join in on a part time and temporary basis for collaboration, presentations, and development.

Perhaps the best part about this new site is that the best minds and culinary experts will be able to work together to develop some of the most delectable dishes that are yet to come!

Not only will they be able to test new equipment and develop some of the best new flavors of the parks, but they will also be able to keep up with the latest trends and technology as they all work together under one roof!

As Disney guests’ expectations grow, Disney promises to deliver with the best and most delectable plates still to come!

By Marie Ospina

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