Disney Parks Disability Access Service Card

Disney Parks Disability Access Service Card, or DAS is a program that assists individuals with disabilities that limit their ability to stand in line for long periods of time.

A helpful addition, this card allows individuals to be given a return time to ride different attractions if there is a long wait.

It is open to any guest that has difficulty waiting in a conventional line due to a disability -and includes those disabilities that are not apparent).

No doctor's note or proof is needed.

But the card program has been revised to service those guests who truly need it, rather than a select few who were taking advantage of the card previously.

disney parks disability access service card

Available at Guest Relations

These DAS cards will be granted at Guest Relations, and can be utilized throughout your stay at Disney World.

It can be valid for up to fourteen days, depending on the length of your stay and your needs.

Once granted, guests can use it at any of the other Disney parks as well.

Avoid Waiting in Lines

Individuals will be able to receive return times for different attractions, to avoid waiting in long lines.

As soon as they ride one attraction, they can receive a return time for their next attraction, making it convenient and simple!

They simply show their card at the specific attraction and climb on board.

In addition to these beauties, guests who qualify for the DAS cards will also be able to utilize FastPass and FastPass+ as well.

To make it easier, the owner of the card does not have to be present to receive the return time for an attraction.

They do, however, have to be present in order to return and board the ride.

But perhaps the best part about this card is that even if the guest does not return to the ride/attraction at the time provided, he/she can still utilize that return time to board at a later time.


These cards are available to anyone who has a disability that limits their ability to stand in a standard queue.

Guests in wheelchairs or those who utilize scooters do NOT need to retrieve a DAS card.

They can either wait in line, or receive a return time at the specific attraction, depending on the wait times.

New and Improved Program

Disney is hoping that by implementing this new and improved program, it will help individuals who truly need assistance.

It is also their hope that people who took advantage of such programs in the past will not be able to do so.

Disney is willing to work with each person, based on their individual needs.

If additional or specific assistance is needed, guests are encouraged to speak to Guest Relations.

Phone: (407) 939 5277

Walt Disney World Resort Orlando, FL US 32830

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