Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival

Gone are the days when you could enjoy Captain EO, Major Domo and the crew.

The show officially ended on December 6, 2015 in order to make way for the Disney Pixar and Film Festival.

You can enjoy this all whole new experience inside the theatre that once housed Captain EO.

There have been a myriad of changes coming to Disney World, and this show is sure to be the start of many exciting


All New 4D Encounter

The Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival is housed in the Magic Eye Theatre.

takes you through three animated short films that will come to life when you put on your 3D glasses.

As you enter this 4D encounter Disney & Pixar Film Festival, be sure to put on your 3D glasses for a truly spectacular experience of a series of films, bringing high voltage excitement and energy to your day in the most magical way—through laughter, 4D picture that comes to life, and electrifying entertainment.

Three Short Films

The show consists of three short films, each wonderful in their own right.

The first short is titled “Get A Horse!” and features Mickey and the gang’s journey on a hay wagon, with Walt Disney’s voice as Mickey Mouse! Mickey and friends board the wagon one by one, and are soon followed by Pete who creates some trouble, sending Mickey and Horace soaring toward the screen and ripping into the modern world!

The second short called, “La Luna” comes to life in a spectacular manner.

With important life lessons and family teachings, this is sure to hit home! This film tells the story of a small boy who is headed to work with his father and grandfather, who each believe their way of doing things is best.

It teaches of bravery and individuality, as the boy faces challenges and uses both his dad’s and grandpa’s teachings to do things in his own way. In a world of uncertainty, he is able to use the support and traditions before him to find his true self and uncover a world of endless possibilities.

The final short is titled “For the Birds.” It is a story about a group of birds, similar to one another, who shun a larger, goofier bird. They pick on him, and make fun of him for being different. But he gets the last laugh! It teaches children about the importance of accepting one another for who they really are, regardless of their differences.

Goodbye Captain EO

The 17-minute science fiction short film titled “Captain EO” was originally available for guests to view from September 12, 1986 through July 6, 1994.

After a long hiatus it returned on July 2, 2010 and saw its final park guests in December 2015.

As with other closures, there will hopefully be an ode to Michael Jackson and other characters in this new attraction.

Walt Disney World Resort has been undergoing a number of updates to many of its parks and this change at Epcot will hopefully bring even more guests to the theme park outside of holiday and festival events.

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