New Sense of Africa Tour at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

Experience the opportunity of a lifetime at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge at the New Sense of Africa Tour!

While Animal Kingdom Lodge offers a plethora of information, beautiful landscape and savanna views, and delicious restaurants, this new tour ties everything into one unique and thrilling experience that invites you to utilize all of your senses during your tour from dining to getting up close and personal with the animals.

Boma-Flavors of Africa

You will start your adventure with a delightful breakfast at Boma-Flavors of Africa, a delicious restaurant featuring African cuisine and a warm atmosphere.

Upon entering, you will smell the unique spices and flavors of these special African dishes.

Whether you choose African fare like bobotie, Chakalaka, or pap, or if you prefer, stick to signature Disney options like the famous Mickey Waffles or French Toast Bread Pudding at the delicious buffet, be sure to pair it with a fresh cup of Kenyan coffee to wash it down!

Journey Through the Savanna

Afterward, you will begin your journey through the savanna, where you will visit a myriad of really special animals like giraffe, okapi, red river hogs, and ostriches!

View the beautiful landscape of spectacular views, the unique animals, and the locally grown vegetation and hay that the animals feast on every day.

Listen to the peaceful calls of the different animals and view them in their natural habitats, getting up close and personal with several of them.

Learn more information than you can ever imagine from the helpful tour guides, about the animals and rich African culture.

But perhaps the most unique experience you will receive is the chance to pick out a snack for the young red river hogs, consisting of vegetation, mealworms, and other options.

Then, watch them enjoy what you have prepared for them before continuing on your adventure.

This behind the scenes look at the savanna will be one of the most thrilling, exciting, and informative experiences that you will ever have.

Nowhere else will you get the chance to get so close to these unique African animals, experience so much culture, and taste such fine cuisine.

This, coupled with the breathtaking views and invaluable knowledge you will gain, makes for an unforgettable experience!


Tickets for the tour are $249 per person, and are not limited to guests staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge, so everyone is welcome.

Starting on April 9, guests will be able to book this event for Tuesday or Saturday mornings.

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