Children With Autism Visiting Disney World

Taking a child with autism to Disney World can be a both trying and exciting experience.

While children with autism are all very different from one another, with all different types of abilities and strengths, there is a good chance that planning a trip to Disney World might actually be quite successful.

But by preparing beforehand and learning about all the wonderful inclusive options that are offered for your child, you can make the trip an unforgettable experience.

Plan Each Day

The first thing to remember, however is not to try too much at a time. Disney World is an overwhelming place for everyone, and children with Autism will not usually appreciate such crowds, noise levels, and surprises that are found in Disney.

But by introducing a few specific attractions at a time, tailored to your child's interests, they can really enjoy themselves in Disney World. Plan out each day, and keep in mind the crowd levels as you choose your parks for each day.

Also important to note is that if you have a child with a disability such as autism, you can obtain a Disability Access Service Card which will help with wait times and special circumstances.

Quiet Break Areas

Take advantage of all of the break areas that Disney has to offer.

Many are located in a quieter area with seating off to the side, where guests can relax and regroup.

Incase individuals become over-stimulated or simply need a break from the crowds, these areas are important to keep track of.

If you need help finding the nearest area, a Disney Cast Member will happily guide you.

Do Extensive Research Beforehand

Knowing your child best, do extensive research beforehand to determine what types of rides, attractions, and shows may be interesting and entertaining for your child, and which may startle or over-stimulate him/her.

Knowing what to expect is key, and preparation is everything so as to ensure your child is comfortable during his trip.

Do not be afraid to ask for assistance from Cast Members, or even for an overview of a ride or attraction.

They are well trained and eager to help you in any way they can.

Where to Stay

Finally, be logical in choosing which resort to stay at while visiting Disney World.

Staying on property may be a little too much for your child due to an abundance of crowds, decor, and characters, but this will vary greatly depending on your child's personality.

If you do stay on property, choose one that is more quiet and relaxing, with less distractions and overwhelming features.

Do not be afraid to ask for a room away from the pool or onsite attractions in order to make your child more comfortable.

They are there to accommodate you, and are usually pretty good about making you feel more at home.

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