Disney Welcomes You to Star Wars Launch Bay

2015 has brought a number of changes to the Walt Disney World Resort (WDW), but among the biggest updates was the Star Wars expansion at Hollywood Studios.

The first phase, Star Wars Launch Bay, recently opened to rave reviews.

The new attraction offers a unique experience into the franchise.

There are a large number of props and artwork that you can see and some that you can even purchase.

Meet You Favorite Character

The Launch Bay features a meet and great that give you the chance to come face to face with your favorite characters from the silver screen.

If you’ve ever wanted to meet Darth Vader on the dark side or Chewbacca on the light side that is possible.

It is best to arrive early in order to avoid wait times that may exceed two hours.

There are rumors that a FastPass+ option will soon be available here to ease wait times.

Get In On The Action

Iconic scenes from the set are just the beginning of the fun you can expect at the Launch Bay.

Depending on the time you arrive you may find Jawas wandering about.

They aren’t the only great photo opportunities, you can gather the family around a Holochess table or grab some blue milk at the bar.

Once you leave the Cantina you can try out some of the Star Wars themed games in the Star Wars Game Center.

Angry Birds and Disney Infinity 3.0 loaded consoles fill the entire area and if you aren’t paying attention to your watch you may find yourself here for an extended period of time.

Great Merchandise

No trip to Star Wars Launch Bay would be complete without picking up some merchandise for yourself or the Star Wars fan in your life that hasn’t been able to make it to WDW yet.

You can pick up a t-shirt or Storm Trooper costume at the same time.

If you don’t have $1,800-4,000 for a life-size costume you can still pick up some great artwork or remote control BB-8 for $150.

Jawas are some of the friendliest creatures in the galaxy. Ask to see what's in their satchel, these collectors always have something interesting to share. They're also happy to stand with you for a photo op. #StarWarsLaunchBay
Jawas are some of the friendliest creatures in the galaxy. Ask to see what's in their satchel, these collectors always have something interesting to share. They're also happy to stand with you for a photo op. #StarWarsLaunchBay
If you decide to take a walk on the dark side and meet Darth Vader be wary when he asks to see your favorite Goofy toy, you never know who he might turn on. #StarWarsLaunchBay Maybe you've dreamed of being an At-At driver. If you have then you are in luck because you can unofficially become one with this costume, available at Star Wars Launch Bay's merchandise shop. #StarWarsLaunchBay Become Darth Vader with your own replica costume. You're sure to win Halloween costume party contests and make the best viral videos with this getup. #StarWarsLaunchBay Are you in need of a Darth Vader helmet to reenact the movie or maybe Spaceballs? You'll find them at the merchandise shop at Star Wars Launch Bay. #StarWarsLaunchBay Light saber!! That's right, you can get your own light saber at Star Wars Launch Bay. They come in red, green and blue - choose your poison wisely. #StarWarsLaunchBay No 'museum' of sorts would be complete without stormtrooper costumes displayed.Full size costumes are also available for purchase in the merchandise shop. #StarWarsLaunchBay Take a look at every item showcased at Star Wars Launch Bay because there are more than a few cool items displayed. Weapons, costumes and other technology is abundant throughout. #StarWarsLaunchBay Some of the Star Wars vehicles are a bit too large to fit inside of the launch bay, but that won't keep them from being showcased. Check out a replica Millennium Falcon and other ships here. #StarWarsLaunchBay If you want to play a 'newer' game then the cantina can fill that request as well. You can play your fair share of Xfinity, Angry Birds and other games at Star Wars Launch Bay. #StarWarsLaunchBay Stop in the cantina at Star Wars Launch Bay for a game of Dejarik. This popular chess game is known throughout the galaxy. #StarWarsLaunchBay There is even a cantina where you can relax and have some cool blue milk, or at least pretend that you did. #StarWarsLaunchBay If the Dark Side is your cup of tea then you should head over to the Commander on the Bridge queue where you can meet Darth Vader himself. #StarWarsLaunchBay Chewbacca is waiting to meet you inside of Star Wars Launch Bay. There wait times tend to be shorter than the number listed on the screen, but you can always visiting earlier in the day & during the week to avoid longer waits. #StarWarsLaunchBay Many relics from the Star Wars franchise are displayed at Star Wars Launch Bay, even Boba Fett's Slave I vehicle. #StarWarsLaunchBay There is a theater, The Launch Bay Theater inside of Star Wars Launch Bay. Some of the signage is even in both English and Aurebesh. #StarWarsLaunchBay Storm Troopers and other characters can be found around Star Wars Launch Bay. They're not only cool to see, they're great for photo ops. #StarWarsLaunchBay You never know when an army of stormtroopers will march out of Star Wars Launch Bay. Always be on the the lookout. #StarWarsLaunchBay Now when you take photos at the Hollywood Studios sign inside the park you will also be able to capture the Star Wars Launch Bay photobombing you in the background. #StarWarsLaunchBay


Watch the Action of Screen

Star Wars Launch Bay is much more than a place to pick up the coolest Star Wars merchandise in town, but you can also get a behind the scenes look at footage that is dubbed “Star Wars: Path of the Jedi.”

The ten-minute film features interviews and insight on the birth of the saga we know today as Star Wars.

It doesn’t matter if you are a lifelong Star Wars fan or if you have somehow eluded hearing of the franchise at any point in the last 30 years you will find the Launch Bay to be very intriguing and may drive you to rent or purchase the entire series to remind you of the amazing things that you’ve seen during your visit to Star Wars Launch Bay.

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