Blue Man Group Universal Orlando

The minute you walk in the door, become part of a live show of experimental music and a celebration of art and technology.

The Blue Man Group has raised the standard of their show with new cutting edge technology and material while maintaining many of their signature pieces for their fans.


The founders of Blue Man Group, Chris Wink and Matt Goldman, became friends in junior high and following college, reconnected in NYC where they met Phil Stanton in 1986 and formed the group in 1987.

Their popularity started to snowball following their first full-length show “Tubes” in 1991 in NYC.


The Blue Man Group loves to poke fun at our culture’s technology by connecting with the audience in clever and inventive ways.

The party like atmosphere and incredible live band engages the audience and has them laughing at original comedy while the Group interacts with enormous “Gi-Pads,” a funny look at today’s communication vehicles.

The Blue Man Group has toured all over the world and audiences are filled with new fans as well old who return repeatedly.

Their show has something that speaks to just about everybody, comedy, multimedia theatrics, and original musical instruments.

The show encourages us to explore that creativity inside each of us.

You will be laughing at this inventive comedy.

Blue Man Group is located in Universal CityWalk.

105 minutes of nonstop live entertainment.

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