Combat City Simulated Combat Arena

Fans of extreme sports in Orlando should make sure to visit Combat City, Florida’s largest airsoft venue!

Combat City features both the largest indoor and outdoor arena in the state of Florida, as well as a full shop to help you gear up with everything you need to get into the game!

At Combat City, you will be able to enter the world of simulated combat without the mess of paintballs and with twice the realism of laser tag!

The Orlando area is home to three Combat City Locations: the Orlando Outdoor Field, the Winter Park Indoor Arena, and Combat City’s newest location on International Drive.

Pricing and Rules

- $15 for all day play with your own guns and gear.

- $30 for 4 hours includes rifle, facemask, and 200 BBs.

- Additional BBs are available in Umarex Elite Force bottles of 5000 for $15.

These are the only approved BBs for Combat City’s rental guns.

No outside BBs or colored BBs will be permitted.

Closed shoes and full face protection will be required, as will Player Waivers filled out by each play or their parent/guardian.

These forms MUST be filled out by the player or parent, no one else, so if you are planning a group party, please take note.

While not required, it is highly advisable to make a reservation, especially if you are planning to rent gear!

Simply call ahead to 1-855-4BBWARS or visit to book a reservation at your preferred location!

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